Who/what is your favorite enemy?

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User Info: Futurewriter

3 years ago#1
Who/what is your favorite thing to fight in this game? or an enemy you don't ever get to fight?

User Info: MynameisDirtDog

3 years ago#2
Consecutive Janssus Saves: 10 and counting
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User Info: Mustavus

3 years ago#3
Blighted nix hounds.
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User Info: Letirin

3 years ago#4

User Info: whatmustido

3 years ago#5
NPC directions. They're usually spot-on, but in a game like this, it can be hellish to find the location they're talking about.

User Info: smallpoxx

3 years ago#6
smallpoxx posted in the same topic on the vanilla board ..
im fond of the lich. just the idea of an undead mage driven to madness and deadness from intelligence really turns my crank. but I dont like the visual in this game now that I think about it... but then I dont like the way anything looks in this game. well.. I do like the architecture and map in general. I am in love with vivec, balmora, ald'ruhn, everything on solstheim, the telvanni towers, sigh....
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User Info: crazyisgood

3 years ago#7
Best Enemy Gauntlet 1 http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/220-rpgs-everything-else/67472400

User Info: Abacinate

3 years ago#8
Load times.
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User Info: smallpoxx

3 years ago#9
Abacinate posted...
Load times.

Come for the advice, stay for the Smallpoxx.
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User Info: whatmustido

3 years ago#10
smallpoxx posted...

Dude has a point. In the xbox version, there were many times I spent longer in loading screens than I actually spent playing the game. Especially when using the BoBS, going from one city to another. I'd move so quickly that the game didn't have time to parse the incoming scenery, so it would freeze and show me a loading bar.

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