Who/what is your favorite enemy?

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User Info: Mustavus

4 years ago#11
whatmustido posted...
smallpoxx posted...

Dude has a point. In the xbox version, there were many times I spent longer in loading screens than I actually spent playing the game. Especially when using the BoBS, going from one city to another. I'd move so quickly that the game didn't have time to parse the incoming scenery, so it would freeze and show me a loading bar.

I'm incredibly nostalgiac over the Xbox version... but I would probably never play it again.
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User Info: Dark Sage 89

Dark Sage 89
4 years ago#12
I went back to the console version some time ago. This game hasn't aged well either aesthetically or functionally. I still love it, but without my nostalgia specs I'd pass.

Tried getting into Daggerfall a year ago. Yiiiiiiiiikes. The game was great for its time, and I was hooked for a few weeks. But it becomes unplayable at times. There is a "cheat code" to set yourself back five steps. You use this for the many times you will fall through the world or get stuck against a wall.
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User Info: Darkstar717

4 years ago#13
I agree with everything previously stated. My nostalgia for this game is primarily related to the incredible storytelling and immersion. This game was truly in a class by itself at the time. That being said, I sometimes forget about the dirty disk errors, the ridiculous loading times, the awful journal format, and getting stuck in random walls or behind tables. All of these things annoyed me even while I played the game. Of course the graphics don't hold up, but that would be the least of my concerns if I wanted to play this game again.

I miss the sense of accomplishment, though. Killing Trebonius to become Arch-Mage, finding a cave after 30 minutes of exploring with the most obscure directions ever, uniting the Ashlander tribes, acquiring the tools of Kagrenac.....I just haven't felt the same satisfaction from the quests in Oblivion or Skyrim. Or have I? Perhaps nostalgia will always cloud my judgement.
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User Info: Disruptive_01

4 years ago#14
I actually enjoyed fighting Hircine and going through his maze thing.
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User Info: whatmustido

4 years ago#15
Disruptive_01 posted...
I actually enjoyed fighting Hircine and going through his maze thing.

The problem I have with the mazes in this game is that it's easy to just jump over them or levitate over them. I can't remember if you could do that in Hircine's maze, but I know there was a tomb where you could. They would be better in Oblivion or Skyrim.

User Info: quickbeam

4 years ago#16
I quite enjoy fighting against mages when I come across them. Especially when they summon some sort of scary beast and I cast dispell and banish it. Only problem is the frequency with which this causes the game to lock up :/
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