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User Info: radial200

3 years ago#1
So, I haven't played the first two Elder Scrolls, but I have played 3-5. Why is the flora & fauna so vastly different in Morrowind? In Oblivion & Skyrim there's typical earth like flora & fauna, but in this one everything's so alien.

I realize Vvardenfell is an island. So, naturally species would evolve differently there than on the mainland. So, as far as continuity goes, I guess I'm o.k. with it. However, I'm more curious about why Bethesda chose to go with the more earth like plants & animals for the two later titles. Does anyone know?

Also, how does everyone feel about it? I thought Morrowind was a pretty unique & interesting place. I liked it a lot, but I guess there's nothing really wrong with 4 & 5 having the more earth like stuff. Still, the uniqueness of Morrowind was pretty cool. Especially for me. Since I hadn't played the first two, Morrowind was my first experience with TES. So I found it really interesting. It was both familiar & yet unfamiliar at the same time. Do you know what I mean?

Finally, I haven't played the expansions yet, despite the fact that I now have the GOTY edition. So, in terms of the flora & fauna, are they also alien like the main game or are they more like 4 & 5? Or are they some sort of hybrid?

Feel free to post. I'd like to know your thoughts on the matter. :)

User Info: whatmustido

3 years ago#2
There are giant mushrooms and the like in Skyrim as well, they're just mostly underground. I really wish I knew why they changed the scheme in Oblivion and Skyrim, and that they hadn't done it. Turned an awesome fantasy setting into a considerably more generic one, to me.

If you played the Skyrim Solsteim expansion, you already know how that place looks. Snow, ice, and regular trees. Mournhold is pretty much the same, though there's not much flora or fauna since it's just a city.

User Info: radial200

3 years ago#3
Cool. Thanks for your answers.

I tend to agree with you about the changes. I mean the vistas are nice in 4 & 5, but like you said they were kind of generic. Morrowind's environments really had a uniqueness to it. It definitely had a major effect on how you perceived the game. Makes you wonder what might have been.

What about 1 & 2? What were they like, in terms of environment?

User Info: whatmustido

3 years ago#4
Never played them. I think Daggerfall and Arena were mostly randomly generated. A few screenshots I just looked up made me think they were fairly generic as well, though there did seem to be some African-like trees in Daggerfall.

Fun bonus about Daggerfall: It's probably one of the largest game maps ever created.

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