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User Info: Zhofe

9 years ago#1
The gallery pictures that are unlockable in this game are absolutely amazing. However, without the ability to leave whatever screen the PS2 is attached to, they are a bit useless. Further, it seems the internet is devoid of most if not all of these images.

So, I'd like to find a way to get them for myself. I had a few ideas, but most of them sound tricky and/or bad, and I wouldn't know how to go about a few of them. I'd gladly share the pictures if I could get them though. So below are my suggested methods.

1 - The Camera

Okay, this is probably the worst idea ever. Basically, I hook my PS2 up to my flatscreen, and get a digital camera, and hope for the best. No help needed on this one, unless someone knows really good picture taking techniques.

2 - The Hookup

Alright, I have a pretty high-end PC, with a TV capable video card, which in my understanding means I have some of the components necessary to get my PS2 hooked up onto my PC. I could probably take screenshots like this, but the internet tells me they will be horribly blurry without some high-end and expensive connections. This one also probably requires some cash on my end, but it would be well served.

3 - The Hacking

Okay, so third option, is I try and find out how the files are stored on the DVD, and extract them using an appropriate program on my PC. I have no idea how to begin with that one though.

In any case, I am assuming that any of these methods of getting screenshots is perfectly legal, and A-Okay with Irem and their publishers. If anyone has any info that could help me, it would be appreciated. Also, if you have any info as to why this is all a bad and/or illegal idea, then that would also be good to know.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: TornadoADV

9 years ago#2
Just simply stream to your computer like most good uploaders do on Youtube and cut out the images. (Make a slide show of all the images and then simply cut out the CG Artwork seperately.)
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User Info: SeoubFromFrance

9 years ago#3
Truly interested in too ! This game lacks screenshot option like in GT4... or

User Info: GBB_Doramascher

9 years ago#4
There's a number of devices out there designed for this: for example, Adaptec's Gamebridge or Dazzle Multimedia's Dazzle device are both able to take console S-Video or SCART output and record it or take screenshots from it. I'd suggest not taking photographs of your screen since the results would basically be useless.

Hacking the game's ROM would probably require a fair amount of technical skill since it's doubtful the images are either easily accessible or stored in a standard PC image format, and it's not like Final is a game like Super Mario World with a massive community producing ROMhack mods who have figured out all the details already. Soliciting information on hacking PS2 software, regardless of how honourable your intent may be, is also most likely to be ruled to be against the board TOS, so it's not like you could really ask anyone to help you on that one.

Irem are unlikely to care about it unless you start selling the images on; while it's technically violating copyright to distribute the images, I think it would pass under the 'fair use' terms of copyright law since the galleries are just a small part of the overall game, and game companies have largely realised that setting rabid lawyers on their biggest fans isn't how you keep a loyal fanbase going.
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