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User Info: BlueRamza

8 years ago#1
terrquad read terr object file: Invalid Slot 8?

Ok, I started a new game and found out that just by normally clicking the Dlord.exe icon I could now save.... however, every time I try to leave town now. (I just got permissions from the king) I get the above error about missing data..... Anyone have any idea of what it's complaining about?
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User Info: monsterhunter22

8 years ago#2
This is the first time I have seen a problem such as yours.
So I would really know what it's complaining or griping about but sometimes games do that for a good reason and it would be wise to look into it as there may be a problem.

what system do you run?
Does your system meet the game requirements?
Have you tried uninstalling it and re-installing it or repairing it?
Have you checked that all your dungeon lord files are in the correct file/files?

If not If I were you i would go and re-install it or repair it if that is an option.
Do you got Collectors edition? (that is version 1.5)
Do you have version 1.4?

trust me bud I'm the only help you'll be getting as this board is dead.
How ever if you need help try looking at
one there you will see options on the left side of the screen search for dungeon lords.
one done go to the forums section.
I would advize taking a thorough search before posting and asking about this as they can get a bit agitated for multiple posts of the same problem if there already is one posted up as the same problem you are having now.

Just try what I put up. if you still need help check the site I listed.
Don't worry about un-installing it.
I did this a while back and I found that I kept my saves and all of them which I am thankful I had still had my saves. put way to much work into my character and getting the equipment.
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User Info: BlueRamza

8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: BlueRamza

8 years ago#4
Never mind, I figured it out.
Ranma Saotome "What are you? A panda! Don't do that!"

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