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User Info: stompy444

9 years ago#1


Details and related information about the ending and storyline of The Witcher are discussed below.

WOWOWOW! Great job with the game... Great great job. I was on the edge of my seat the entire length of the game!

Below is gathered info from other threads and posts.

Grand Master was grown-up Alvin - EVIDENCE is about the amulet and ",if that was his real name,"

Geralt was the assassin... who he killed.

So did Geralt kill future-Geralt or Geralt from the past?
Geralt killed either himself from the past or the future, but how the heck did they time travel regardless of which it was? ALVIN'S AMULET! Alvin somewhat time-traveled when he went from being a little boy to the Grand Master.

I personally think he killed Geralt from the past... Why?
Geralt the assassin had no scar on his face, and his hair was a normal blond color. (Geralt's hair couldn't have turned back to normal from white after being a Witcher because it was a mutation, hence another supporting detail about the assassin being from the past.)

He had no memory at the beginning of the storyline, am I not correct? Thus he could not recall what he did before he lost his memory, or before his Witcher training/mutation, like his childhood, his family, hobbies, or being an assassin. If he couldn't remember what went on when he was an assassin, chances are he forgot how to fight like one completely... The only reason he remembered to fight like a Witcher was because he had people helping him recover at the beginning of the story. Nobody probably had any idea Geralt was an assassin in the time before he lost his memory because he probably had a "secret identity", making him the only one who knew about being it. How many assassin games or stories involve an assassin walking around in plain sight and revealing to everyone what he does for a living?

Also, I'm kinda drawing up this in my mind, but maybe Geralt killed innocent people as an assassin, and somebody found out he was a murderer, possibly Vesemir, the witcher trainer, and mutated him into a Witcher as a desperate attempt to stop his innocent murders?

The italicized sentence is what I deduced from the info found within this post... Disregard it if needed.

I feel like I am leaving something out of this discussion... I closed this window by accident, erasing all of this, so this is my second time to type this and i hope i didn't leave any details out...

Please comment!


User Info: DarkTelepath

9 years ago#2
The only problem with the "Geralt from the past/future" theory is that Witchers do not learn how to dual-wield. They learn the 6 combat styles (Strong/Silver, and Fast/Group/Strong) which have fancy names that I cannot recall. It is unknown if the other Witcher schools learn the same, but it can be assumed that they have the same styles and that they wouldn't teach other styles.

Once the books come out, a lot of Geralt's past will be revealed to us American readers. The game takes place after his death at the end of that series. Geralt was never an assassin.

As for the cat's eyes, it's either possible that another Witcher survived the same extra mutations Geralt was subjected to, or that Salamandra or the Order was able to create a "perfect" mutant, similar to the Witchers.

Also, Witchers are not trained to be assassins. They are monster-hunters by trade. They learn how to defend themselves from people because they tend to be viewed with mistrust and liable to be attacked.
"I have an idea. It starts with 's' and ends with 'litting their throats.'"
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User Info: suryc2084

9 years ago#3

i like the idea that he killed himself from the past but there is a loophole. Dandelion and company saw Geralt die in some great war or something, i was not really paying attention that much.

User Info: DarkestHour227

9 years ago#4
i finished it today and that was by far one of the greatest endings i have ever seen for two reasons-

1) it was made of pure epic awesomeness
2) there has to be a sequel on the way

*response to TC*

anyway, i completely agree with your deductions. i don't know about geralt from the past being an assassin though. what you say about him being from the past is definitely credible though, but if he is an assassin, then it wouldn't explain what i assumed to be the witcher potions on his belt. what we know from his past is that he was a fairly good person, evident from the fact he was one of the only people to stand against the rioting group in Rivia, and died because of it.

the grand master is definitely future alvin, but i don't understand why he would travel to that moment in time to try to put his plan into effect or why he would keep the demeritum amulet on for so long.

User Info: Kasimir_Garda

9 years ago#5
The assassin CANNOT be Geralt from the past.

1: Witcher training begins as a child. The mutations begin at a similarly young age. Even Geralt's name was chosen (in part) by Master Vesemir- Geralt initially wanted to be called something like Geralt Eric du Bellengard, but Vesemir just told him it was pretentious.

If you're wondering why he chose his name, it's because potential Witchers are taken from their families at very, very young ages to begin their training, so have no surnames. It's Witcher policy to invent surnames so they don't come off as creepy men from nowhere.

Therefore, Geralt has ALWAYS been a Witcher, and never been a fugitive.

2: Geralt isn't a magician, and therefore has no means to travel in time. Only powerful sorcerers can do that.

3: A bit obviously, present-day Geralt has two arms. If Temerian medical science can't cure the scar on his face, then how can it reattach a severed arm?

I agree about Alvin, though. I felt a bit sick when I realised what had just happened at the end... from the way I'd played, Geralt had planned to live peacefully with Shani and Alvin as a family.
So much for that idea.
**Guitar solo**

User Info: Skel1

9 years ago#6
i think the topic poster is wrong in everyway, Where did he come up with all that crap?

User Info: valheran

9 years ago#7

Assasin=witcher Geralt=witcher so assassin=Geralt



The whole idea of Geralt killing himself has no base whatsoever, is monumentally stupid, and should be dropped like hot potato.

Really, if you look close, you can see that assassin's face has different bone structure, it's more squarish than Geralt's.

User Info: stompy444

9 years ago#8
Well, with witcher-training being started at an early age kinda puts down my idea of present-Geralt killing Geralt of the past...

And i guess if Alvin was teleporting, he was a magician also? Because if he was not a magician, how would be have teleported? Meaning if Alvin could teleport without being a magician, past-Geralt and future-Geralt could also do the same.

User Info: stompy444

9 years ago#9
And Valheran, if it wasnt a past/future form of Geralt, explain why Foltest looked at Geralt with surprise and awe.

User Info: valheran

9 years ago#10
Same reason >I< looked on Geralt with awe and surprise, that was seriously BADASS fight. And no, before you ask, the assassin wasn't me from the future/past, not to mention my dead grandma.

And Alvin is a source of the elder blood, travelling through space and time is just what they tend to. They were eugenically engineered for that specific purpose. The thing is, only sources can do it, so Geralt cannot. And before you ask, no, Geralt is neither a source, nor of elder blood.

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