Which Raven armor is the best?

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User Info: garyoak99

7 years ago#1
I noticed that in Chapter 5 the paths diverge! This affects the enemies Geralt has to fight in that chapter but it also affects what armor you can get! I noticed that there are also differences between the types of armor.

Which Raven armor is the best?
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User Info: Managnarm

7 years ago#2
Depends what kind of combat you prefer I guess.

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User Info: No_Mega

7 years ago#3
They're all quite good, so don't feel like you should make any major decisions just based around which armor to get.

The Order armor is quite good for melee, the Elves are excellent for signs, and Neutral is kind of balanced between the two, plus some resistance bonuses iirc.
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  3. Which Raven armor is the best?

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