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User Info: chiefsonny

6 years ago#1
Just finished The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Directors Cut.
Great Game, one I will play again :)

It has the following New Adventures:
Damn Those Swamps
Price of Neutrality
Side Effects
Wraiths of Quiet
The Wedding
Merry Witchmas

Has anyone played any of these?
Are they any good or worth playing?


User Info: Dimon101

6 years ago#2
i got the "enchanced edition". Not sure if it is the same as the director's cut...but i can tell you about "additional adventures'. I am still in my game on here..but im thinking these are like the ones for Dragon Age 1. Remember the additional modules you could DLC and then play? If you never played DA1, i can tell you most of those adventures probably in no way effect the storyline of the regular game. If i were you, i would probably beat the regular game first, then try some of the modules..most with extra adventures tend to be for people who know what there doing in the i hope you have fun with sound like you got a couple adventures i do not have..
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User Info: ensomneac

6 years ago#3

The adventures are fan made mods, most aren't made by CD Projekt, and they don't have voices.

They're still fun though.

User Info: ceifadorx

5 years ago#4
i know the Price of Neutrality and Side Effects have voice.
so is worthy to play the adventures after finish the game?
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