Your Favorite Harvest Moon Game: Vote! (Multi-Board Poll)

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User Info: DDJ

9 years ago#1
Your Favorite Harvest Moon Game: Vote! (Multi-Board Poll)

Over the years, there has been plenty of discussion over what the most popular Harvest Moon game is. Different boards have had their individual polls, but needless to say these have always been skewed towards the board the poll is posted on.

So, let's settle it. This poll will be taken across every Harvest Moon board and the overall results tabulated. In the end, we'll post two results: the game receiving the most votes, and the game receiving the most votes not counting votes from its own board. A combined result may also be included that combines the votes for games that are essentially identical (boy/girl versions of the same game, or ports of a game - such as AWL and AWL SE).

To vote, simply choose your one, single, solitary favorite Harvest Moon game (see the list below for a refresher). Again, pick only one - if you pick more than one, I'll count the one you mention first.

I'll be keeping track of the votes to ensure no one votes twice on multiple boards. The poll will run for a period of 8 days (through August 15th at 11:59) and then close, and the results will be posted shortly thereafter, as well as included in my Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility FAQ.

With that, on with the list - feel free to vote by full name, abbreviation or number.

1: Harvest Moon (SNES)
2: GB (GB)/GBC (GBC)
3: 64 (64)
4: GBC 2 (GBC)
5: Back to Nature (PS)
6: Harvest Moon For Girls (PS)
7: GBC 3 (GBC)
8: Save the Homeland (PS2)
9: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
10: A Wonderful Life (GC)
11: More Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)
12: Another Wonderful Life (GC)
13: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PS2)
14: Magical Melody (GC/Wii)
15: Boy & Girl (PSP)
16: DS (DS)
17: DS Cute (DS)
18: Innocent Life (PSP)
19: Rune Factory (DS)
20: Innocent Life Special Edition (PS2)
21: Island of Happiness (DS)
22: Tree of Tranquility (Wii)
23: Shining Suns and Friends (DS)
24: Rune Factory 2 (DS);;
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User Info: monkeygirl82

9 years ago#2
Ha, this is my hidden board. I saw this topic on the MFoMT board, but decided to vote here, instead.

More Friends of Mineral Town is by far, THE most excellent installment of the series. In my opinion.

I vote MFoMT.

User Info: Ferarri619

9 years ago#3
*Tag* >_>
~Nintendo 64. Get N or Get out. Coming Fall 1996~

User Info: monkeygirl82

9 years ago#4
^Too slow. Ha.

User Info: DDJ

9 years ago#5
The results are in!

With nearly 100 votes cast, the results from the poll are in.

First off, the pure results:
1. 64, 18 votes
2. BTN, 13 votes
3. FoMT, 8 votes
4. MFoMT, MM, DSC, 7 votes
7. AWL, 6 votes
8. DS, 5 votes
9. AnWL, 4 votes
10. SNES, 3 votes
11. AWLSE, 2 votes
12. RF, ToT, SSaF, STH, 1 vote
16. GB, GBC2, FG, GBC3, B&G, IL, ILSE, IoH, RF2, 0 votes

Secondly, the balanced results; for this, I've removed any votes a game received on its own board, so vote tallies are only how many votes each game garnered from other games' boards:
1. 64, 11 votes
2. BTN, 9 votes
3. FoMT, 8 votes
4. MFoMT, 6 votes
5. AnWL, AWL, DSC, DS, MM, 4 votes
10. SNES, 2 votes
11. AWLSE, STH, RF, SSaF, 1 vote
12. B&G, RF2, ToT, GBC3, GB, GBC2, HMFG, ILSE, IoH, 0 votes

So, there you have it: HM 64 wins by a small margin. Interestingly enough, not only did 7 of HM64's votes come from its own board, but 8 of them came from the Tree of Tranquility board. BTN, on the other hand, gained only 4 votes from its own board and no more than 2 votes from any individual other board. BTN had votes for it from 7 boards, while 64 had votes from only 5 boards. So, 64 is more popular, but just barely.

But, consider the fact that some of these games are nearly identical: BTN, HMFG and B&G are basically the same game. So are AnWL, AWL and AWLSE. So are FoMT and MFoMT, IL and ILSE, and DS and DSC. So, how many votes did each 'franchise' of a game garner?

The results, by pure vote totals:
1. 64, 18 votes
2. FoMT (FoMT/MFoMT), 15 votes (8/7)
3. BTN (BTN/HMFG/B&G), 13 votes (13/0/0)
4. AWL (AWL/AnWL/AWLSE), 12 votes (6/4/2)
4. DS (DS/DSC), 12 votes (5/7)
6. MM, 7 votes
7. SNES, 3 votes
8. STH, RF, ToT, SSaF, 1 vote
12. GB, GBC2, GBC3, IL, IoH, 0 votes

And the results, when removing votes for a game on its own board:
1. FoMT (FoMT/MFoMT), 14 votes (8/6)
2. 64, 11 votes
3. BTN (BTN/HMFG/B&G), 9 votes
3. AWL (AWL/AnWL/AWLSE), 9 votes (4/4/1)
5. DS (DS/DSC), 8 votes (4/4)
6. MM, 4 votes
7. SNES, 2 votes
8. STH, RF, SSaF, 1 vote
11. ToT, IoH, IL, GBC3, GBC2, GB, 0 votes
(and note: removing votes from a single board for any game in that board's "franchise" of games - for example, a vote for FoMT on the MFoMT board - has pushes DS above AWL and BTN into 3rd place on that final list, but has no other effect)

So, those are the results. In my ideas, that indicates that 64 and FoMT are tied for the two most popular (since MFoMT is practically identical, and 64's fanbase was so much more limited, I think that's fair - but, that's subjective), with Back to Nature an extremely close 3rd.

I, personally, consider BTN and FoMT to be of the same franchise since they have the same characters, layout and mechanics, but most people don't agree with me on that. Essentially, though, the ranking appears to be, with a pretty big gap between 3 and 4 and between 5 and 6:
1. Harvest Moon 64
2. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (group)
3. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

4. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (group)
5. Harvest Moon: DS (group)

6: Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
7. Harvest Moon (original SNES)
8. Any of the others

So, them's the results. I didn't expect FoMT to do so well, but it's arguably tied for the most popular HM game ever.

If you have any questions for me, post in the Tree of Tranquility topic (link below): I won't be checking the others. And as promised, these results will be posted in my Tree of Tranquility FAQ.;;
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