Lucia or Anastasia?

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User Info: JollyJoel

7 years ago#1
I am in the part of the game where I just obtained Anastasia. In my previous playthrough I religiously used Anastasia, but this time I am thinking of keeping my party Yuri, Karin, Lucia, and Joachim. Do her photographs really help that much, or should I stick with Lucia?

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

7 years ago#2
I didn't use Lucia much, and I used Anastasia slightly more. She's got excellent magic (perhaps the most powerful?) even without the photos, but she's pretty weak (lowest HP, I think). So I dunno.. give her a shot, but pull her on bosses that favour heavy physical attacks.
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User Info: AriesWarlock

7 years ago#3
In my first playthrough I didn't use them both as much as I should. I completely overestimated Lucia's oils and that was a mistake - They are VERY useful for offensive and defensive purposes - she can also heal so that's another bonus.

Anastasia is very useful, too. especially her pictures. In her very first battle, that blue bird monster gives her a water technique which covers a lot of range, and that giant robot boss in the military Japanese base gives her a technique that can add to a long combo. I always tried to do 30+ or 50+ hits on bosses to get attack rings.

Why not use both? I used a group of characters until they leveled up twice or thrice, then changed to another group to keep things always interesting.

User Info: Ladysoalluring

7 years ago#4
*shameless plug*

From a top ten most overpowered RPG characters list -

"7. Lucia (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)

Shadow Hearts Covenant. A dark, deep and mysterious setting. With such a tone setting the course of your journey chances are you'll be taken a back when Lucia joins your quest. A ditzy dancer that fights with a fan. A fan. In a world where you are fighting creatures from people's worst nightmares, you have Lucia tackling them with a fan of all things? A dancer with a fan. Surely not a character to be taken seriously. Oh what's that? You're the type that doesn't judge a book by it's cover and like to give all a fair chance? Well let's see then ...

Take a look at those stats ... why those are *mage* stats. MP, magic defence, magic offence oh yes - yet- typical of a mage the HP and physical offence/defence stats might as well not exist. Look at that speed too. A slow mage is never a good thing. Right? Surely you'll be doing the sexy dancer a -favor- by leaving her assets er I mean her safely on the bench. Afterall if you ever actually *need* a mage you have Gepetto or Anastasia who apparently have better magic offence than Lucia. Ahhh but Lucia certainly is better on the eyes than those two. Is there any other reason to justify using her other than sexy eye candy fanservice though? Well yes. One word. Support.

Support? Where? Oh those ... special ability ... commands. Well I don't blame you for being distracted by other things. Ohhh Tarot Cards? What does that ... Oops! Nonono don't touch that double edged sword yet. Well you'll learn. Take a look at the other command. Aromatherapy. What oils and stuff? What do you mean you still can't take Lucia seriously? Do not be deceived oils are potent stuffs. By mixing them together Lucia comes up with all sorts of effective support blends for her allies. Support is the name yes. Healing, physical offence/defence buffs, magical offence/defence buffs, evade buffs, MP restores and regens .. She can even prevent you from going Berserk - a factor in SHC - with SP regen and restores. You name it - Lucia covers it. If you want buffs Lucia's your girl. Buffs galore. The buffer of all buffers.

That's all very well and good you say. Extremely effective and useful you're sure. Makes it worth not having Lucia lying on the bench forever. There is some milage to be had out of her now. Yet ... what pushes Lucia beyond the beyond? Makes her worth using over other characters? Why is she on this list for example? To put it simply why is Lucia broke?

User Info: Ladysoalluring

7 years ago#5
The answer is - out of all the numerous oil combinations - three very special oil combinations. As if covering everything supportive wasn't already enough Lucia can for example buff ... buffs! That's right. With Moon X Ocean Lucia can increase the effectiveness of ally crest and special abilities. Not just buffs but healing and damage too and so on. Moon X Ocean - 50% strike increase. To *everything* As if that weren't enough - buffs *stack* So you could have ally Yuri under a Lucia boosted Energy Charge *and* an ally boosted ATK up crest spell for example. As you can imagine with Moon X Ocean the effectiveness of buffs, healing, damage and well everything skyrockets. Broke. The second of Lucia most effective oil combinations is Moon X Night which increases the critical hit rate of allies. With three physical attackers + Lucia as your buffer chances are that you are potentially doubling or so the damage output of your team with critical hits. Last but surely not least is Lucia's ultimate oil Aurora. With Moon X Aurora Lucia grants all allies (excluding herself) the Third Key effect (all allies can use their physicals three times in a row) As you can guess an MT Third Key effect is quite brutal. It doesn't end there. Oh no. The ultimate of all ultimate oil combinations - Aurora X Moon is an all in one effect of granting all allies the Third Key effect *and* restoring their HP, SP and MP. Not surprisingly it does cost Lucia alot of MP to cast the Aurora oil combinations but with MP tweaking and cost reduction equipment it is easily done - and by using Tents at save points to fully restore HP/MP lost in random fights before bosses you can abuse Lucia's ultimate of ultimate combos to your heart's content. Character quests become available once the final dungeon rises - do Lucia's first and with Aurora Oils you can make a complete and utter mockery of the all the other extra dungeons including of course the final and it's bosses.

That's it right? Not quite. What it couldn't possibly get any better you say? Ahhh but yes. If you're a daring soul and like to take risks for results. Oh yes. Remember that Tarot Card command that may or may not have exploded in your face when you touched it? Well you see Tarot Cards were so broke when they came out that they had to restrict them. With the reverse effect the cards do the opposite of what they are supposed to do but oh when they do what they are supposed to do ... 100% Instant Death that even works on bosses, increasing the speed of the entire team including Lucia by four times with Special, fully restoring the HP*and*MP of the entire team including Lucia, prevent enemies including enemies from being able to act, debilitating enemies with status effects, multiplying the strength/damage out put of the entire party, gravity/demi damage that can actually lower enemy HP to zero including bosses. The World that can greatly boost the EXP you receive or the Tower which can increase the total amount of cash you carry by up to four times. With Lucia by your side you can become extremely levelled and filthy rich fast. If only it were real. Just save your game before trying the cards~"

The broke that is Lucia by lady :D

Lucia winds up as a better mage than Ana too because of her MP pool and the buffed buffs others cast on her :)
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.

User Info: AriesWarlock

7 years ago#6
I would stay away from the tarot cards. Quite a few times I have had reverse death or HP/MP reduced and I had to restart my game because her card draws have put me in very bad situations.

User Info: MikoNoNyte

7 years ago#7
I endorse the use of lovely Lucia as well.

For all the reasons that Lady gave and for the fact that she looks doggone divine while dancing. Anna is a clodfoot.

Somewhere i have a tape of our darling Lucia with her weakest weapon dancing the final boss to death. LOL

And before you think, "Oh she just likes her"... let me tell you, I hated her with a passion the first two times (once in Japanese and again in English). Until I gave her stats a chance, equipped her appropriately, and realized the lady has more style than a heard of wild Rockettes!

So Go-Go-Lucia!

User Info: Ladysoalluring

7 years ago#8
*waves @ Miko*

QFT *high fives*!

Personally Aries I've had more than enough positive results to negatives tarots (probably an 80/20 or maybe even 90/10) to keep abusing them myself xD Yeah that's a personal decision though. I've simply experienced such broke as Lucia one shotting bosses with the Chariot/Death special, making herself and even Ana and Gepetto extremely powerful with physicals through Strength, making bosses skip turns,etc and such usefulness as making thousands in cash in very little time thanks to the tower and racking up the EXP/Soul/etc off bosses with the World. Indeed the World often comes out quite a lot for me :) Yeah I've simply experienced their hax to the point that the risks of negative results is worth the tradeoff personally especially considering resetting isn't a problem (though I haven't really had too) with the save points right before the bosses and considering that I personally found negative results to be rare. There are accessories than can protect from negative results too and a customised deck can be built (though I haven't done this yet either >.>)

I've even soloed with Lucia to the prison island with a tarot card proving handy in each boss battle to that point (enemy skips turns ftw) :) I overwrote the file by mistake while I was working on a team file though <.<

That's just me though. It's a person's choice whether or not to give up on them, I wouldn't force anybody to try them extensively if they really didn't want to but I always feel I should give new players/Lucia users lowdown on just how broken and hax they can be and the chance for whether or not they want to give that brokeness a real whirl :) Really they hand to give them the negative handicap or Lucia would be hands down the best character in the game flat period o_o 100% Death on bosses yesss~

I also just like seeing Lucia scoring one over Yuri and Kurando when she one shots a boss but yeah xD

Clodfoot, poor Ana xD
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.

User Info: threetimes

7 years ago#9
Some time back someone (might even have been me, who knows!) did a stat comparison of the two and really there's not much different between them as regards magic and strength. Actually I like using them both, for viewing enemy stats with A and L because she is just "fabulous darling"!

I love her attack animation especially in the wedding dress, and I love using the Tarot. Current game I have 99,999,999 cash thanks to that when she increased my current cash x4. Of course the tarot is dangerous to use, but given complaints about how easy is it to win the game, it certainly adds some uncertainty every time you use it. (Watch out if you get the Lovers card reversed with the special boost and that kill your whole team off and there's no defense to it. Very much a wtf moment!)
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User Info: JollyJoel

7 years ago#10
Well, thanks to Ladysoalluring's post, Lucia is now in my permanent party, never to be removed.

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