purple bondage?

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User Info: featherofdoom

6 years ago#1
Does anyone know how exactly to get the purple bondage item for Gepetto? I was wondering if there is some sort of time frame in which you have to pick it up- I returned to the room that Veronica was in after Idar Flamme and couldn't find anything...
Also how exactly do you get the third item for Gepetto's cast? I managed to buy the raccoon toy and that was all I could find.

User Info: MikoNoNyte

6 years ago#2
It's in the Hermetage.
One of the bedrooms; the one Rasputin was in when you first take over as Anna.

And this is gamefaqs.
For details on anything else, I suggest DepthCharge's FAQ. it has all the answers for you with a searchable menu.

User Info: featherofdoom

6 years ago#3
Oh man...I'm aware of where it is, or rather, where it was supposed to be... I keep searching in that room and cannot find it. Maybe there's a time frame of which I can grab it. I'll try again on my next playthrough. Thought this was IGN? Lol. Thanks though- I'll definitely look into DepthCharge's FAQ. I'd been looking through the FAQS and had trouble finding enough info on this particular subject.

User Info: MikoNoNyte

6 years ago#4
Sense of humour for the win!

Far as I recall there is no time limit. It's in Rasputin's room to the left of the bed.

Once you get doing sidequests why not run back there. You'll want to anyway to visit the Goofy brother in the Ballroom for some killer items in his store.

User Info: featherofdoom

6 years ago#5
I'll try again. Goofy brother does have some good items. As does the guy in the cathedral at Paris.

User Info: pantibonico

6 years ago#6
The purple Bondage belongs to Veronica Vera for her crazy nights with Rasputin lol.

You can get the last costume for Gepetto after talking with the Goofy brother at some point in the game.
(Yuri will automatically suggest a new costume that will look familiar...)

By the way, the man at the Cathedral sells a Silver Chair for Gepetto. Does anybody know its effect? thx

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