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Questions that everyone asks (Read if you have a question!) MARK 5
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 ]
Did the inclusion of sea salt ice cream seem out of place to anybody else?slk_2357/4 12:49AM
One Winged AngelGhost_MW_323/23 3:10PM
What are the best ways to level up summons?ChaseXtreme53/21 12:08AM
Did you know about the detail of the ribbon in Kairi's panties?slk_2313/13 10:57PM
SooooTheHeroOfTime12/25 8:03PM
Was anyone else expecting the 'three good fairies' to be Yuna, Rikku, and Paine?slk_2322/20 1:24PM
In Kingdom Hearts II, why did they make the music stop during the cutscenes?slk_2321/27 12:39AM
Why did the Kingdom Hearts series lose all its momentum after the second game?slk_23112/27 3:03PM
This board was so much better preKH2 than KH3 board is nowrazid112/21 4:42PM
What was your favorite part of the Roxas prologue, if any?slk_23511/9 9:26PM
A top ps2 game? What does it do to hook the player?BattleAxeRX911/1 4:46PM
FAQ Needed?Nall32210/20 2:01PM
How do I find the steamboat charm?MrMelodramatic810/15 2:35AM
While protecting Queen Minnie in her castle, why do you need to call her over?slk_2329/12 11:53PM
Does this game ever pick up?Nabisko2148628/24 7:05PM
o.O THAT is a lot of heartless in one place.treos258/22 10:35PM
Question about Twilight Town (spoilers)ChaseXtreme28/21 8:32PM
Idea for a challenge runKariyaLollipop18/10 1:04AM
How did Sora recognize Axel? *spoilers for COM and 2*DevsBro37/30 12:14PM
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