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    6. Anti-Sora ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
    Probably THE most common question is: “When I drived, I turned into a Heartless looking Sora, is this normal?” or something like that. Anti-Sora is a rare occurrence that happens when you use Drive to much. It is completely random and there is no way to tell when it will happen. You can tell if you will get it soon however:

    Anti-Sora has a point system that shows the increasing chance that Anti-Sora will show up. It goes up or down a set amount of points when you use the Drive command. This is the amount for each Drive ability:

    Actually changing into Anti-Sora:-4

    When you gain a new Drive ability, the counter resets at 0. In addition, when you Drive with a Character that has 0 HP, you will not get any points. Now these are your chances of getting Anti-Sora:

    0-4 Points: 0-1% chance
    5-9 Points: 10% chance
    10+ Points: 25% chance

    Sometimes with 0 points, you will still Drive into Anti-Sora. Some people get it like 5 or 6 times in a row!

    Here is some other info about Anti-Sora:

    1. You can't revert out of it. Meaning you have to wait for the Drive Gauge to run out. You can revert out if you're not in battle mode.
    2. Picking up Drive Orbs makes the Drive Gauge deplete faster.
    3. You can only use the Attack Command meaning you can't use the Reaction Command, use Magic, or use Items.
    4. Anti-Sora does not gain Exp. Points meaning that it has no unique abilities and does not have its own exp. amount to level up.
    5. It has double the speed of Sora but it has half of Sora's defense meaning damage dealt to Anti-Sora is double the amount that would be done to regular Sora.
    6. Anti-Sora cannot pick up Health Orbs.

    7. Where to Find the Summons
    Chicken Little- 100 Acre Wood
    Genie- Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord
    Peter Pan- Port Royal (Second Visit)
    Stitch- Hollow Bastion

    8. Leveling Up Your Summons ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.
    The best way to max out your Summons is to use Chicken Little's FPS mode(only available in a battle) consumes 2 drive points and can be instantly canceled out and used again. Use this in conjunction with the Pain and Panic tournament trick (find this trick in the Tricks section). You can also use the Solar Sailor/Black Pearl Trick (Tricks section) if you like.
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