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    II. Synthesis [qeas2]

    9. Ultima Weapon ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
    First of all, this is what you need to make it:

    The Recipe: It's in Twilight Town: Mansion's Basement. The room right before where Sora was sleeping.

    The Ingredients:
    13 Orichalcum+
    1 Orichalcum
    1 Mythril Crystal
    1 Dense Crystal
    1 Twilight Crystal
    7 Serenity Crystal

    You only really need 7 Orichalcum+ and 4 Serenity Crystals. I will only tell you where the Orichalcum+ are:

    1. Finish Atlantica.
    2. Finish 100 Acre Wood.
    3. Chest on the Brink of Despair in The World That Never Was.
    4. Clear the Goddess of Destiny Cup in Olympus Coliseum.
    5. Chest in Sunset Terrace in Twilight Town.
    6. Chest In Central Computer Area on Space Paranoids.
    7. Collect all Synthesis Materials and go to the Synthesis Shop.

    Once you have all of the materials, use an Energy Crystal to half the cost of items needed.

    10. How Do I Know When My Synthesis Moogle Will Level Up? ~Credits to Rolling_Dice20
    That's very easy. There's a little bunch of numbers next to the level of the Moogle. To tell how much exp. the item you are synthing will give you, If you look on the page that shows the items needed to synth, there should be a number on the upper left/right(can't remember) of the page.

    11. What Are All Of The Moogle Synth Levels? ~Credit goes to SilentCricket for this.

    Level 1(default) - Decipher recipes and synthesize items! - no bonuses

    Level 2 - Use Brightness and Energy Materials! - Allows you to use the side materials of either Brightness to enhance gained EXP or Energy to lower item cost.

    Level 3 - Use Serenity Materials! - Allows you to use the side material of Serenity to upgraded items to a more powerful level.

    Level 4 - Use up to two extra Materials! - Allows you to use up to two of the side materials (Brightness, Energy, or Serenity) in any Creations menu item available.

    Level 5 - Rank C recipe Materials cut by half! - All items of C rank will have a lower item cost from the Creations menu. Free Development or Recipes items will need to first be made for the full cost (unless an Energy material is used).

    Level 6 - Rank B recipe Materials cut by half! - Same as above, now for B ranked items.

    Level 7 - Rank A recipe Materials cut by half! - Same as above, now for A ranked items.

    Level 8 - Make new items in Free Development! - Adds a plethora of new items to be made in Free Development (I don't know which exactly, sorry)

    Level 9(MAX) - Rank S recipe Materials cut by half! - Same as the other item reduction bonuses, now for S ranked items.
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