what is the best weapon to choose(spoilers)

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User Info: KingJames8692

9 years ago#1
at the beginning? sword shield or rod? i know they all have the same abilities and u get the abilities at different times but what is your personal preference?
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User Info: sanzu01

9 years ago#2
Theres no rod or shield just struggle bats...
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User Info: The_Gold_Key

9 years ago#3
It all depends on you're fighting style. Your choice decides the order abilities are learned, that's all. If you like magic, choose the rod, fighting, sword, defending and helping party members, shield.
so, these are your choices, choose well

User Info: KingJames8692

9 years ago#4
well yes what i mean is which ability list will be more useful down the stretch. like will i want to learn one ability above another, if u kinda get what im sayin.
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User Info: TwilightBalance

9 years ago#5
You won't really have a preferance of abilities unless it's your second or third play-through or something.

You won't really be able to tell a difference between the 'Ability Selection Options' at the beginning, until WAY later in the game. And then, you probably won't even care.

"Wow! I just learned <insert ability here>! Well, at the beginning, I could have probably learned it sooner, but heck--- the enemies are just as strong with it than without it."

Hopefully, you see what I mean.
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User Info: KirbyManiac

9 years ago#6
Theres no rod or shield just struggle bats...


That part.
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User Info: phunkypengwyn

9 years ago#7
You should pick the sword first. Shield is your second preference, but do not at all costs pick the magic rod. I'll give you reasons for each:
SWORD: A lot more damage earlier in the game. First to use the amazing luckylucky ability.
SHIELD: A lot of defensive abilites first. Won't die at all in the beginning of the game.
MAGIC ROD: A lot of magic boosts early in the game. First to get draw ability.

Now for the downsides of the weapons:
SWORD: Second chance at level 85 (not a big fault)
SHIELD: Negative Combo at level 73 (you will have to wait to use this awesome ability)
MAGIC ROD: Gets luckylucky at level 99! Huge ability to have in the game. Gets finishing plus really late too. Another huge ability to have.

Definitely pick the sword or shield (sword first) or suffer the consequences.
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