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Goofy and the rock. (sp)

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User Info: DKLinks

5 years ago#1
Just played to this point in the game again when goofy "heroically" sacrifices himself to save Mickey and after watching it again I think the rock wouldn't have actually hit Mickey at all given the angel it was flying at. It looks like it would've came close but it would have went right over his head.
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User Info: Fippe94

5 years ago#2
It's hard to see where something is going to land when it is flying through the air like that. It looked like it was going to hit Mickey, so Goofy did what he could to stop it.
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User Info: zane0144

5 years ago#3
They should do a game theory on this
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User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#4
I've seen that kind of thing happen in supposed heroic sacrifice scenes before, where it looks like in reality, the person would have been fine where they were.
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User Info: TigerHeart87

5 years ago#5
No it's suppose to be dramatic. They want you to believe Goofy is dead. (even tho there was no way it the rock would've hit Mickey) it was a poor attempt to build suspense sadly. not one of Square Enix's best moments.

User Info: albinojako

5 years ago#6
There was an angel in this scene? Where?
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User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#7
No it's suppose to be dramatic. They want you to believe Goofy is dead. not one of Square Enix's best moments.

I know. It’s wrong in so many ways.

-For one, it’s easy to push Mickey out of the way without getting hit yourself.
-For two, He’s got a shield…and he can throw it with quite a bit of accuracy…maybe toss it at Mickey and just block the dang thing?
-For three, it’s a frickin rock. Goofy’s been blasted by explosions and slashed by every weapon under the sun. I’m supposed to believe a rock does him in?
-For four, it’s a frickin rock. I’m supposed to believe Mickey’s fought endless armies of Heartless and Nobodies and whatever else. A rock does him in?
-For five, no one bothers to check Goofy’s vital signs. They take one look and are like “Dang, he’s dead. We’re angry now.”
-For six, even Goofy blows the whole thing off afterward.
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