beat xaldin on proud mode

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User Info: General_Tim

5 years ago#11
Like most of the bosses on most of the games he is only hard the first time or two. Just use cure and reflect and save up as many jump commands as you can. There for anyone about to fight him on proud mode for the first time i just solved your problem. The sniper guy is harder every time because you have to be on the move and have good timing or you get pummeled by that mega snipe raid he does but that is the only reason he is hard. Xaldin just takes longer.
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User Info: zeldaman1559

5 years ago#12
The above sniper (Xigbar) by name is a joke. If you have Aerial Dodge and good reflexes, he's a joke. Even his desperation move is easy to neutralize. Run around the edge of the platform in circles.
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