Final form with Xigbar

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User Info: Dragoncomet

5 years ago#1
So in preparation for KH:3D I've been playing the series again in the chronological order and it's really cool to pick up the little hints between each game. Anyways fighting Xigbar I unlocked Final form to my surprise which ended up defeating him. I look at the exp for Final and it says 1. Didn't think bosses counted...
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User Info: falconesque

5 years ago#2
Final gains experience from defeating nobodies. Xigbar is a nobody, little different from a dusk.
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User Info: shadowfreak1101

5 years ago#3
Same thing happened with me with Wisdom Form and the Prison Keeper in Halloween Town. Nice that the dev team thought ahead and did that for Heartless/Nobody boss fights as well.
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