Need help with the Paradox Titan Cup.

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User Info: 843

4 years ago#1
There must be something I'm missing. I've been using Peter Pan's Tiny Fairy but the best I could get was 7k. One key difference I noticed in Youtube videos though is that the Neverland limit uses only 2 bars whereas in my case it uses 5 bars, so I can only perform it twice per summon. Any idea?

User Info: Mikey_R

4 years ago#2
Use Stitch -> Limit -> Ukulele.

User Info: 843

4 years ago#3
I did, but I can only use it twice before it disappears. Like I said, the limit eats away 5 summon bars, but in videos it takes away only 2.

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#4
I answered this over on the other board, but for any future searchers:

Critical health Stitch works better than Limit Stitch in FM2.

User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#5
Make sure every form, drive, and limit-lengthening ability is equipped. That can make a huge difference right there. If summon's "next" level isn't zero, go level-up summons.

Understand, too, that KH2FM was greatly modified and videos for KH2 won't necessarily apply. It also means advice given here, however carefully thought out or typed up, may not apply either. Thanks for saying so in advance.

Stitch works fine for reaching 10,000 points in KH2. You'll find detailed advice at the following link (hmm, wrote that over 2 years ago now):

10,000 on Titan Paradox???
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User Info: gamehelp1000

4 years ago#6
Summon Stitch > Limit > Ukulele

u get to use it twice in each limit, u can use limit twice per round (making this 4 times you can use this each summon), but as soon as you summon him or run out of a limit, he can do it himself, without a limit... just wait maybe 5 sec before you do it each time... ;) and I remember something like in the Titan match, you can use stitch repeatedly as the drive gauge doesn't go down as far when u use it... each time you use it u should be able to get around 500 points each time, maybe even more, u should need a minimum of 13,000 at the end of the titan cup rules.

good luck!
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  3. Need help with the Paradox Titan Cup.

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