Forgetting Sora (SPOILERS)

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User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#11
phiefer3, SE is not known for its great writing, though they've known a few shining moments now and again. That's pretty well known. Their storytelling, especially in sequels and prequels, is usually laden with cyclical rationalizations and plain ol' revisionist nonsense.

I gave you my rationalization for that one, and a thread snipped at both ends is logical enough for me. Overlook the oddities, because there's no way to completely justify them. Many have tried over the years. Or stop buying SE games; vote with your cash for better writing.

BTW, SE probably will include a third-arm growth ability at some point, to stop players from discussing it further. ;j
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User Info: feraldrgn

4 years ago#12
I thought everybody forgot who Sora was because of his Nobody?

They reversed the Nobody process & then everyone remembered him again.

They could probably do that with the other Nobodies if they tried, send them to a digital world & alter their memories so that they succumb to joining their Self again.

(Though it'll end up I'm missing a point somewhere)

Infact this is the only case when you know the Self & the Nobody,
whereas all we know of other characters are just their Nobodies.
Their friends could've forgotten them too, but we wouldn't know.

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#13
DiZ and Mickey never forgot about Xehanort.

Days explains it with Xion and Namine, but then, that's what Days does. Patches up holes in CoM and KH2. Well, less a hole this time, and more giving importance to something random.

User Info: Xorital

4 years ago#14
If theres an explanation, who cares? It's explained, get over it. Who are we to say the rules of a world make no logical sense or whatever. KH doesn't take place in a real world, its fantasy.

User Info: Glavewurm

4 years ago#15
The topic wasn't questioning "logical sense", but storytelling.

User Info: itsyourlife

4 years ago#16
Wasn't messing with Sora's memories done in order to create Xion? Wasn't that the entire point of using Namine to mess with Sora's memories before Marluxia and Larxene went traitor?
Sora, the bits and bytes that have made up your life so far, can you say for sure that they are not just copies of someone else's?

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#17
That portion of the plot really doesn't add anything to the story, and it does seem strange that it's in there. But, eh, what can you do. It's the least egregious thing KH is guilty of.
Why are you people so hung up on what's canon or not? - freakazaa
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