after playing FM+....

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User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#11
Actually, SE has shown they react to fan whimpers such as your own, MonkeySeraph.

Fans should speak clearly about what they like and dislike in the game. We should also examine the differences between KH, KH2, and the extra Japan-only releases to see how we're likely to be rewarded or penalized, however each of us sees it.

For example, all the "Argh! I got lost in Wonderland!" posts for KH (even to this day) may well have earned us the simple Y-structured Land o' Dragons, where the "mysterious" cave entrance even got a slow pan so the poor player could not miss it.

On the direction this topic has taken, Sony may influence but doesn't dictate Square Enix's releases. Apples 'n oranges.

And I don't work for SE, so I don't know the politics Nomura deals with, but corporations have a rigid hierarchy that first and foremost serves the shareholders' monetary return. That's a fact Nomura's choices revolve around. Fan acceptance is a factor, but how much or how little it's weighted within SE is a guess for anyone outside SE's organization.

The "usual" contributors to various wiki (and my apologies for the generalization) don't have corporate work experience and don't understand these very commonplace business practices.
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