What do you love about this game? (Spoilers? Oh MY, yes!)

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  3. What do you love about this game? (Spoilers? Oh MY, yes!)

User Info: KathrynsDad

4 years ago#1
I've recently finished my second playthrough on this game. I'm much more of a KH1 fan but this game does have its charms. Magnet is kind of neat and I like a few of the worlds (TWTNW is best, Beast's Castle has some good infinite-loop spots for summons'.) Overall I find the gameplay less fun than KH1 and Triangle overused.

But, probably the best moment in both games is when Maleficent takes over the castle. She's a tough, haughty person, fit only to rule. She isn't good at anything else, but she sure is good at that. And so the representative of the Darkness helps the forces of Light. I flat out loved it.

What do you love about this game? Any moments, or fights, or worlds, that you think are great?

User Info: Palaguin

4 years ago#2
When I think of my favorite games to play, KH2 and Dragon Quest 8 are the two I think of. I like most of the worlds, althro I hope to never again see Halloween Town again.

I love Final Form and the unique feel of Space Paranoids and Port Royale. If there was a KH3, I'd definitely want those two to return.
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User Info: IllMade

4 years ago#3
The segment where the various FF characters fight alongside you was great.

User Info: bladebreakers54

4 years ago#4
@ Palaguin
I agree halfway in that i think some new Halloween/Dark based world would be nice. Favorite part is a 3 way tie between the battle against the 1000 heartless, the Sephiroth battle, and the final battle, specifically the part where Sora is cutting through all the sky scrapers.

User Info: Dark_Epathy

4 years ago#5
I've always found the beginning sequences with Roxas very poignant. They're so nuanced and atmospheric--it's what I expected from the whole game, honestly.

The ending, also. KH2 has its flaws, but it's able to invest you in the moment.
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User Info: jwolfe340

4 years ago#6
I honestly prefer the feel of KH1. The controls just felt...tighter in KH2, which sounds like a good thing, but just felt awkward to me. I found Space Paranoids to be a bit tedious and too novel, like it was simply trying to be innovative instead of providing a quality experience. However, the Timeless River was one of my favorite worlds in all of KH. My favorite part of the game was the battle with the 1000 Heartless. It was just so epic.

User Info: falconesque

4 years ago#7
Goofy modeling for Rikku. Paine's deadpan, "We come in peace." Tifa's entrance, beating up evil office walls. And...

"What," Cloud said, "you're fighting too?"

Always makes me smile.

Oh, yes, Riku and the King in the wrapup FMV. Definitely more poignant after I'd played ReCOM.
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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
4 years ago#8
Everything? >_>

Well, except for how broken Limit Breaks are.
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User Info: foo1239

4 years ago#9
Thousand heartless and Seph come to mind. Story was good only in non Disney locations barring Tron, it was actually ok there.

User Info: Vespertine

4 years ago#10
People always speak about the 1000 heartless, but to me its always felt like a tedious button mashing exercise (cynics can stop right there before they say a good portion of fights in the game are like that).

I enjoyed the Hercules/Beast worlds the most probably and the ending world wasn't too bad either.
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