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Could Sora have done anything else to make Saix let him see Kairi? (spoilers)slk_2345/11 6:30PM
The better other...Tyro72964/7 4:37PM
Serious questions about nobodies (Roxas and Nomine to be specific) *!spoilers!*ScalePhoenix33/18 5:46PM
Questions about the time between Kingdom Hearts and Part 2ChaseXtreme23/18 5:32PM
What is your favorite KH2 boss?Externious102/5/2016
How long does it take yo beat kh2 on very easyangelganon81/25/2016
KH2 or KH1
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Which Square JRPG had the better prologue: FFVII's Midgar or KHII's Roxas?slk_23212/16/2015
Why didn't they just say "pictures"DevsBro712/3/2015
So, Organization XIII members original names.... (spoilers)ChaseXtreme610/25/2015
Do you like Rai y'know? He's cool y'know!?!?!?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
I still don't understand why they couldn't say photos in the prologue (spoilers)slk_2388/31/2015
Luxord's reaction commands and Duel StanceSheenavsKilley67/25/2015
I'm trying to figure out the series' storyline...Damaniel37/5/2015
Is a Level 3 Game possible?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
what new worlds did KH2 add?Sharebear42026/26/2015
Christopher Lee, the voice of DiZ, dies at the age of 93...EddMario46/22/2015
Is the game over totally arbitrary at the end of Demyx's Wild Dance? (spoilers)slk_2366/11/2015
Are Seifer and Setzer characters from Final Fantasy series?SheenavsKilley75/24/2015
how the eff do i get 7 orichalcum+lady_god35/24/2015
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