Best in the Series Day 37: Bowser Weakness

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User Info: Ultimate Somnia

Ultimate Somnia
9 years ago#1
I will do this daily, just vote which of the three games ( 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy) you think had the best _________

Nominate one element all 3 games had and it will be done in a future day.

Day 1 Level Entry: 64
Day 2 Attack: Galaxy
Day 3 Final Boss Battle: Galaxy
Day 4 Music: Galaxy
Day 5 Underwater Levels: Galaxy
Day 6 Power Ups: Galaxy
Day 7 First Bowser Level: Galaxy
Day 8 First Boss: 64
Day 9 Yoshi Cameo: Sunshine
Day 10 Intro: Galaxy
Day 11 Ending: Galaxy
Day 12 Races: Sunshine
Day 13 Non-Bowser Bosses: Galaxy
Day 14 HUB: Sunshine
Day 15 HUB Dwellers: Galaxy
Day 16 Title Screen: 64
Day 17 Box Art: Galaxy
Day 18 Star Gets: Sunshine
Day 19 Ghost Levels: Sunshine
Day 20 Super Mario Bros. Music Remixes: Galaxy
Day 21 Coins: 64
Day 22 Story: Galaxy
Day 23 Credits: 64
Day 24 HUB Music: Galaxy
Day 25 First Level: 64
Day 26 Mario Personality: Sunshine
Day 27 Physical Game Image: Galaxy
Day 28 Bowser's Design: Galaxy
Day 29 Bowser's Voice: Galaxy
Day 30 Lava/Fire Levels: Galaxy
Day 31 Bob-ombs: 64
Day 32 Ghost Bosses: Galaxy
Day 33 First Water Level: Sunshine
Day 34 Secret Stars: Sunshine
Day 35 Ice/Snow Level: Galaxy
Day 36 120 Star Gift: Galaxy

Warp Pipes: 4
Toads: 3
Enemy Design: 2
Peach' Voice: 2
Final Big Level: 2
100 Coin Stars: 2
Chain Chomp: 2
Final Bowser Level: 1
Pokeys (cactus monsters):1
Mario's Hat: 1
Peach's Kidnapping: 1
Luigi Cameo: 1
Racers: 1


RANDOM DISCUSSION: What is the thing you defeat bowser with in SMB. IMO it is an ax
Brawl is not a fighter, a party, an action, or anything.

User Info: galaxybrawl

9 years ago#2

Burning his tail > throwing his tail > breaking his bathtub

yay toads is back. Nominate Toads.

User Info: TheShadoPoig

9 years ago#3
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's....No, wait, it's a bird.

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

9 years ago#4
64. Nothing beats grabbing Bowser's tail.
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User Info: htaeD

9 years ago#5
So after nine months of Szayel fighting, Mayuri turns up and surprises him with a baby. Coincidence? I think not. ~ Serpit

User Info: Max_Power_9999

9 years ago#6

I nominate the Luigi cameo
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User Info: Kooldude99

9 years ago#7
Zelda game crazy. I need help now.

User Info: Pondos

9 years ago#8

64 was fun, but it lost its touch after a while.

Nominate Racers

RANDOM DISCUSSION I always thought it was a magical switch or something. Ax sounds much more reasonable.
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User Info: ShiitakeWarrior

9 years ago#9

64's was obvious, but fun. Sunshine's was pretty obvious as well. Galaxy, on the other hand...
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User Info: salty53

9 years ago#10
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