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User Info: jlourenco

6 years ago#1
It's a pity we have nobody here, really wanted to share my thoughts about this game's atmosphere. I mean, Galerians is far from a fantastic game. It's gameplay has many problems and everything, but I really miss the way this game feels.

It doesn't matter if it's a dark noir game or a light paced one, I love when a game manages to push you into it's universe and it's story. And, when it comes to atmosphere, this game is really amazing. It feels as dark, heavy and disoriented as the plot intends. Some of it's levels are very dark.

Two examples I like to use are Resident Evil 4 and Max Payne 2. RE4 is a good game, indeed, but it doesn't feel as dark and heavy as producers wanted. Sometimes I was just shooting Las Plagas and wandering around those levels as if it was the most common thing ever. But Max Payne 2 makes you feel the intensity of the character, the decaying world around him.

Of course, Max Payne 2 is WAY better than Galerians. But this game deserves praise, at least for it's atmosphere.

Does anybody feel the same way?
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