Did I miss something in the story? (SPOILERS)

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User Info: MadJak91

5 years ago#1
This is what I know
Somewhere in a distant post-apocalyptic future, surviving members of the human race are living in a super-city Michelangelo City. From what I have seen in the game (the hotel comes to mind) they are living a poor and sad life... I really love that stage!
To make everything better two top scientists, Dr. Steiner along with Dr. Pascalle, created a self-sufficient woman-shaped super-computer Dorothy. She was suppose to take care of the city and its inhabitants.

Of course, Dorothy realized that her CPU is much more efficient than a human brain and started rebelling. She was then confronted by the (ironically) religious scientist Dr. Steiner and she learned about the existence of God.
Everything seemed fine but in reality Dorothy began to impersonate God and started creating a superior race - Galerians by corrupting the systems of the city's largest hospital.
Fortunately, both doctors were prepared in case Dorothy starts a revolution and implanted a virus program to the brain of both of their children - Rion Steiner and Lilia Pascalle. I think they also forget (on purpose) to install an AV software inside Dorothy...
Unfortunately, Dorothy learned about the virus and sent her creations to silence both Steiners and Pascalles. Rion and Lilia manage to escape (somehow).

A few years later an older Rion awakens in Michelangelo Mental Hospital. He does not understand who is he or what is going on. He escapes the hospital, learns about the Family Programme and kills the hospital's director Dr. Lem. With this new information Rion pays a visit to his house. There he learns about the whole business with Dorothy, the virus and the importance of Lilia. He is stopped by the first Galerian Birdman but defeats him.

Guided by a doll Rion finds Lilia in a run-down hotel, gets revenge on his parents by killing Galerian Reinhart and saves Lilia by killing Rita, another Galerian. What a body count that boy has...
With Lilia in his arms there is nothing to stop him from destroying Dorothy. He busts through the "heavily" guarded Mushroom Tower entrance. Both of them solve a light-match puzzle and finally confront the last Galerian, Cain.

Cain explains that Rion is actually a Galerian himself and that the real Rion died years ago in the hospital. I think Rion must have been captured some time after escaping his house during the assault on his parents. He then died in the hospital.
After disposing of Cain and meeting Dorothy, Rion learns that Cain indeed did not lie. The real Rion really died and Dorothy made "a copy" of him as a Galerian and he is programed to bring Lilia to Dorothy so she can destroy her along with the virus in her brain.
Our Rion is a knight in shining medical garment (he really did not change when he was at home) so he refuses his destiny/programing and together with Lilia they destroy Dorothy by Lilia sending Rion the other half of the virus program. This act deprives Michelangelo City of electricity and its power as a whole... Rion then fades away. He accomplished his task and well... he himself is a clone/program after all.
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User Info: MadJak91

5 years ago#2
This is what makes me confused
Dorothy created those Galerians to get rid of Lilia by Rion luring them to her.
OK, but why did she cloned Rion in the first place? Not to mention she even cloned that VIRUS along with him. Was is not worse for her that way? With Rion dead she has nothing to be afraid of. Lilia cannot activate the virus without Rion anyway!


Let us assume that Lilia could still find someone else for the virus launch program and Dorothy needed Rion to bring Lilia to her and destroy her. Even then, why did Dorothy send those other Galerians? Cain even says that "he is made to kill Rion." They are her family after all... Was it something like a selection programme to select out a supreme Galerian? This does not make sense either way as her only goal was to get rid of the virus which can destroy HERin the first place.

Thanks for reading and if there is someone feeling like discussing this then go ahead.
Another thing comes to my mind... If something more is mentioned in Galerians: Ash or even explained there then it is OK but I started playing it and nothing like this seems to be there. It just starts with the recap of the last stage and then shifts back to the story... Still might be later in the game though.

Thanks again :)
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User Info: japanese-girl

5 years ago#3
Dorothy created Cain to retrieve Lilia. She, however, could see that the plan would fail. Cain did not have the right personality or demeanor due to him simply not being Rion. Lilia would be able to tell. This is why Rion was created. Dorothy needed someone who could pull of Rion's nature in order to convince Lilia that he was indeed Rion. In order for her to create a believable Rion, she needed to download the Rion's memories into the galerian. When downloading his memory, she also had to download the launch program for the virus. She could not do one without the other.

This became a double-edged sword for her. She actually needed the virus program. Birdman, Reinheart, and Rita were unable to locate Lilia. Rion and Lilia share a telepathic connection due to the virus and launch program. Through this, Rion was able to speak with Lilia and she, believing him to be Rion, gives her location and thus he is able to find her. You see, without the launch program in Rion's mind, Dorothy would have been unable to locate Lilia. I believe Dorothy mentions this when she speaks with Rion.

Birdman also mentions it:

"I knew mother was right. Just follow Rion, he will locate Lilia for us."

This backfired on her because the Galerian Rion now had the same feelings for Lilia as the real Rion due to his memories. Because of this, Rion refused to kill Lilia,

"You really think you can make me kill Lilia?!"
"What's this! Defiance!"
"But It's not defiance. It's just the truth! I can't do it!"

Dorothy believed that Rion would follow her because she was his "God". She did, however, take into account the human emotions her galerian would gain so she had Cain ready to kill him should his memories prevent him from obeying her, as they indeed do.

As to why she sent the other galerians, she is always very cautious as mentioned in ASH. She hoped that Rion would be disposed of. Once she sees that he had survived, she tried to play the mother card and get him to obey because that is his place as her child. I think she knew this might not work and so she took ever precaution. She knew Rion, motivated by his human feelings, would be a difficult threat. The more galerians she sends out to kill him, the better chance there is that he will be killed.

Also, now that the virus is gone, Rion should have lost his telepathic connection with Lilia. He, however, maintains it to some degree. Another thing Dorothy did not expect.

In ASH we see some great character development for Rion because he accepts his nature as a galerian but realizes while he is a "reflection" of Rion, he has also made his own bonds with people through that reflection. I.e. Cas, Pat, and Lilia whom he knows through both memory and interaction. His connection to the human world is minimal and he feels that in ASH. Rion's understanding of who he is and his relationship with those around him, especially Lilia, is a very interesting and brilliant plot point.

User Info: MadJak91

5 years ago#4
Thank you very much for your information, you helped me a lot!
And here I thought that no-one will be replying to this topic ever as this board is "dead".
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