Two Generations and Twelve Years Ago...

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User Info: BlitzJuggernaut

4 years ago#1
I bought this game used only to have it not work. Eventually, I forgot about the game and moved into the next generation. As a bit of luck, I came upon Galerians for sale cheap on eBay and impulsively bought it once more.

Backstory aside, I should recieve my game within the next few days and am wondering what I'm in for.
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User Info: LOLZuMadBro

4 years ago#2
It's a fun game if you're into the survival-horror like gameplay and inventory management involved, but it won't blow you away or anything. Just don't expect this to be action-packed, you won't really be fighting that many enemies overall. It has more to do with exploration and moving the plot forward.

The story is actually pretty good, better than most games, but once again nothing really amazing. Boss battles are pretty fun, and can be a pretty decent challenge at times.

Despite being 3 discs, its a pretty short game, took me 5 hours, 4 minutes the first time around. Just make sure you are into Resident Evil/Silent Hill like gameplay, or you may not enjoy this one.
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