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User Info: akodaw

11 years ago#41
if ur ps2 unit is making a sound while reading a disc (tak tak tak or something) theres a gear somewhere neard the lens that ogt busted,,, i had the same problem last christmas,,, and it cost me around $10 for a repair guy to fix it^^ hope this helps^^
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User Info: Mcslinx

11 years ago#42
Hey after I opened up my playstation2 there was a silver strip that got unattached somehow. I dont know exactly where it goes. Could someone please tell me where that pesky, silver, power strip goes.

User Info: RAZGR1Z

11 years ago#43
what happens if the PSTwo (slim) overheated?
help pls, cuz i think i blew up mine!

User Info: BaronVonBad

11 years ago#44
I'm not sure if this is related to the actual PS2, but when the game is being displayed on my tv, the left and right sides are oddly curved. I discovered this while adjusting the screen position in MGS3. The top and bottom might be as well, though I'm not sure. The tv is a Hitachi. I appreciate any help I can get.
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User Info: beane31611

11 years ago#45
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need some serious help. Long story short, I have DI-524 D-Link router. It connects me to the internet without problem and that cord even lets the appropriate number light up on my led. However, the ethernet cord I have connecting to my ps2, doesn't get acknowledged with a light, and it won't connect my ps2 online anymore. I just bought a new cord and tried that as well and it didn't work either. Any suggestions or do I need to get my router replaced? I've restarted and reset it a lot, as well, and that didn't help either. Thanks guys

User Info: Naru2005

11 years ago#46
what happens if the PSTwo (slim) overheated?
help pls, cuz i think i blew up mine!

Ridiculous. How the heck did that happen? Did you put your PSTwo near heat, used a hair dryer to blow at it, or placed it on a carpet? Or did you just make that up because you "thought" it blew up?
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User Info: CNash

11 years ago#47
Do any of you know how to send it to Sony? Am I supposed to call them first. Can you give me the number?

The number to call should be in the back of most game manuals, listed by country. You have to call them; in my case, they sent a courier with a replacement PS2 and made the switch on my doorstep.
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User Info: iced_angel

11 years ago#48
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: phatman622

11 years ago#49
Alright...I read the FAQ, and it answered my question partially.

You showed me how to reset the password...but is there anyway that I could do it, that I don't have to enter the password for a lvl 4 movie?
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User Info: BlitzPanther

11 years ago#50
Last night I was playing GUN and almost everything was fine with my ps2. I went to play it today and the red light wasn't on. I've had my ps2 for 6 years and I've never turned it off; I've always put it on stand-by. I un-plugged it and plugged it back in, tried different outlets, toggled the swith on and off, and took it apart to see if anything was loose. everything seems to be in order.

The past several weeks I've been getting dres so I just keep ejecting and inserting the disc tray until it reads a disc. I've cleaned my ps2 myself in the past and never had any problems after I swabbed the laser with some rubbing alcohol and sprayed out the dust with compressed air. It's been 2 months since I've cleaned it last though; this time I bit my tongue and tried to have it re-read the disc over and over again since I was to lazy to clean it. Was this to hard on my ps2 and it died out? I wouldn't think so. Or was it because it's been on stand-by all these years except when being transported from one place to another?
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