Best PS2 racing games?

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User Info: sketchturner

5 years ago#1
I'm about to buy Burnout Revenge. Are there are any other top-quality racing games you'd recommend? I don't care about simulators like Gran Turismo. I enjoy arcade racers such as:

Beetle Adventure Racing
Diddy Kong Racing
Rush 2049

I am only interested in games for single player.
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User Info: Sagovic

5 years ago#2
Xgra,WipEout Fusion, XGIII and Kinetica are my favourites ps2 racing games. They are awesome.

If you like racing games, those should be in your collection.
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User Info: VCarterMoss

5 years ago#3
Haven't played it, but Jak X seems like a fun arcade racer.

User Info: wstfld

5 years ago#4
Tourist Trophy or whatever that motorcycle one was. Loved that.
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User Info: psfanatix18

5 years ago#5
Nope, BurnOut: Revenge is as good as it gets
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User Info: SaturnFanPL

5 years ago#6
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, last PS2 NFS before they went tuning/undergound crazy, also the last one with Ferraris, worth a try, definetely.

Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, if you liked original one then there's no need to reccommend this one, you'll love it. If you never played Outrun, think whether the idea of drifting at 280 km/h almost constantly appeals to you. Very relaxing game, pretty much defines the word "arcade".

Star Wars Racer Revenge, it actually was my first PS2 racing game, it also has an element of combat to it (smashing opponents into pieces).

Flatout 2, it's like a more dirty version of burnout, really good damage visualisation, might get frustrating at times.

Need for Speed Most Wanted, PS2 version is pretty poor visually but if you can look past that what you'll see is arguably the best NFS game for the system, next to Hot Pursuit but they have a different approach, although both feature police chases.

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, many people wanted that to hit the PS3 as well.

Test Drive Unlimited, features a HUGE open world map, some features were cut down from the next-gen version (including, above all, Ferrari cars, no idea why) but it still remains a solid game, also - cockpit view for every car.

Shox, PS2 equivalent of Sega Rally, made by EA Big.

Burnout 2, I know you're getting Revenge but 2 is still a relevant game of the series, it's "pre-EA" and has a different feel to it, it's more about racing than fighting and flashy crashes (although crashes here are also nice), I still find it difficult to answer whether I like Burnout 2 or 3 more, good to have both.

Test Drive Eve of Destrucion (Driven to Destruction in Europe), brilliant, if overlooked game. Think of it as "a Destruction Derby fan's wet dream", Flatout 2 has a similar theme but is more dynamic and wacky, this one stays more faithful to what it's based on, actual demolition derby events. - check it for new Sega Saturn and Playstation 2 gameplay videos.

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

5 years ago#7
ATV Offroad Fury
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3
Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero
V.Rally 3
Wipeout Pulse

User Info: rswsc0407

5 years ago#8
psfanatix18 posted...
Nope, BurnOut: Revenge is as good as it gets

^This, especially for Arcade style racing games. That's why I don't understand why people always say Burnout 3 is the best one, Revenge is just as good, I think it's better because of the ability to wreck the traffic that's going in the same direction as you are as long as it's not a huge vehicle, like a semi or bus.
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User Info: ZenithianHero

5 years ago#9
I have Ridge Racer V and Outrun 2006. Great games I would say.

User Info: DJ_Gunner

5 years ago#10
My personal favorite racnig game of all time Is Midnight Club II. Absolutely no joke, and if you are looking for a game that will test your skills and resolve, this is it.
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