Best PS2 racing games?

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User Info: sketchturner

5 years ago#11
Thanks for all the input! I watched video footage of all the games mentioned and so far I am most interested in:

Flat Out 2
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge
NFS: Hot Pursuit 2
Star Wars: Racer Revenge

Jak X looks really cool, but I've heard it corrupts memory cards???
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
5 years ago#12
I recommend Motorstorm Arctic Edge as well. Quality game overlooked in the PS2 library I think, because of when it was released.
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User Info: ave1

5 years ago#13
Colin McRae '04 & '05 are nice rally racing games. Vrally 3 is also good to play...
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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#14
Seconding Burnout 2, Kinetica and NFS Hot Pursuit 2. NFS Underground 2 is also very good.

I'm also going to throw in a recommendation for the Choro Q games (Gadget Racers, Road Trip, ChoroQ), which are racing / RPG hybrids that are very different from pretty much all other racing games.

Jak X looks really cool, but I've heard it corrupts memory cards???

On slims, the autosave is bugged and will corrupt cards. You can get around this by never allowing the game to autosave, ie, put the card in when the game starts up so it loads, then taking it out after it finishes loading. Then don't put the card back in until you're at the menu and save manually.

It's worth noting that the PS2 version of Wipeout Pulse also corrupts cards, and unlike Jak X here there's nothing you can do about it, as the problem is not directly related to saving, it can occur after any race and saving any time after the bug occurs results in a corrupted file. The only way to play through this game is to keep your save backed up to a separate card at all times and re-format the card every time it corrupts. - Watch me beat "SNES Biker Mice From Mars" - My backloggery

User Info: PS2isFun

5 years ago#15
Midnight Club 2 (very challenging but addicting)
Burnout Revenge

User Info: knightSquall17

5 years ago#16
I played all those games you listed except Excitebots.

You NEED to get Burnout 3 Takedown.
I also recommend the 2nd, Burnout 2 Point of Impact.

Burnout 2 is the best arcade racer I played where you have to dodge oncoming traffic. The traffic dodging in burnout 2 was excellent. It would be my favorite arcade racer if it wasn't for Burnout 3.
Basically, B3 added to the series the only thing that was not in B2 that would make the game crazier and even better, that is being able to make your rivals crash. In B2 if you hit a car you crash and it could also happen to the rivals, but hitting them yourself would not make them crash. In B3 hitting the rivals to make them crash is one of the biggest aspects of the gameplay. B3 also has more cars to pick from and better graphics than B2. However, from an arcade racer point of view, both, B2 and B3, are excellent. I liked those 2 more than all the games you mentioned. SSX3 is good too, but the burnout games are better if you ask me.
Also, I tried Burnout Revenge as well (rented it for a weekend) and my opinion was that I still liked Burnout 3 more. Revenge added a few new things to B3's elements, but overall it did not feel better than B3 and I liked B3's feel more (some elements of Revenge, such as running through oncoming traffic instead of dodging it, did not feel better).
In you case you wonder why one might want B2 when there is the better B3, there is one aspect of B2 thtat was better: the traffic dodging. B2 had much more of that than B3. In B3, much more punch was given to "taking down" rivals than to dodging traffic. If you can only get one though, the definite choice is Burnout 3.
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User Info: justinlynch3

5 years ago#17
Midnight Club 1 & 2 - Fun open world racer games.

Midnight Club 3 - Personally I found the series went downhill from here. There are more cars, but I find the races more annoying.

Burnout 3 - If you like Revenge, you'll like 3.

Flatout 2 - Fun racer, many off road races, and a variety of non-racing games.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - Extremely fun game with many awesome cars including Police cars. Decent cops to.
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User Info: sketchturner

5 years ago#18
I owned and beat Burnout 2 on GCN, BTW.

I'm curious to hear more thoughts about Revenge vs. 3. To me Revenge sounds better since you can push same-way traffic w/o crashing yourself.
Favorite games: Body Harvest, Donkey Kong Country 2, Majora's Mask, MP2: Echoes, Other M, Rayman Origins, Shadow of the Colossus

User Info: PS2isFun

5 years ago#19
The main menu song in Burnout 3 is so bad that it'll annoy you.
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