Post your PS2 System Buying Experiences Here! *Nostalgia Thread*

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5 years ago#1
Howdy, PS2 board.

I'd love to create a thread where we can go back in time and dip into the memory box and share our experiences buying our first PS2 system.

Hopefully we can share each of our unique takes on the PS2 launch, back in 2000.

I'll start with my own! Hope you all enjoy my trip down memory lane...


The PS2 launched in North America on October 26th, 2000.

I was going to try and get my PS2 at the Kmart close to my house, before going to class (Junior year of High School) that day.

I remember doing calculations to find out how much it would cost with tax. I did not have enough money to get my PS2 by a few dollars.

I decided to cash in some coins I had to make up the different, then bolt over to the Kmart on the opposite side of the shopping center, then haul my way to school.

I hadn't quite planned for if/when I actually GOT the PS2, as I never asked myself what/where to take it when/if I got it, if I should go home with it, or lord it over everyone at school, keeping it very very close to me all day. I never got there in my thinking.

I arrived at the Kmart where a small gathering of about 10 people were loosely dispersed around the electronics section, some of them carrying PS2's away.

......they had just ran out. The clerk said he was the 2nd person he had to turn away.

This was indeed one of those rare, very adult moments of life disappointment for a young man to experience. I can recall it so vividly probably because these feelings were so intense.


Later that day, I return from lunch 'off-campus', and my very tall (6'8"+), very Hawaiian friend rolls up to the parking lot in his very beat-up, very awesome red & white pickup trick, holding a large, rectangular deep deep ocean blue box in his hands, which he holds high, high towards the heavens, as if to say "Ye, GODS, BEHOLD THE ADVANCED VIDEOGAMING PLATFORM BUILD TO YOUR EXACT SPECIFICATIONS, THE PERFECT CONSOLE, O, PLAYSTATION 2". There were trumpets, and nymphs.

The sun was particularly bright and lovely.

My friend may have had a perfect halo of total and complete joy and contentment with the universe.

I was a bit jealous.

Despite my jealousy I couldn't help but feel a bit triumphant for all of us. A new era had begun.


It would be less than a month later that I got my PS2. I remember being at a terribly festive school bonfire event, wanting to go home and play Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 2 made it all worth it.


These are the tales of my first PS2. There are more in the series to come...
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User Info: Mister Money

Mister Money
5 years ago#2
I got my PS2 in 2004 for Christmas. My cousins bought it for me after debating over Xbox or Playstation 2. I remember getting it and having a brain freeze of what game to get first. I debated between Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy X. I chose Final Fantasy X (Greatest Hits). Ironically that is the only Greatest Hits game I own for PS2.

I still have the PS2. It was the last original version before the Slim. The one with Date Code: 3D or whatever. The motherboard is version 10.
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User Info: wstfld

5 years ago#3
I honestly don't remember how I got my PS2. It was over ten years ago. I think it was a gift, either my birthday or Christmas.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
5 years ago#4
I bought the Gran Turismo 3/PS2 Racing Bundle back in the summer of 2001...right before my freshman year of High School started.

I remember pre-ordering GTAIII and MGS2 as I owned (and still do) and enjoyed both series on my PS1. THPS3 was also big that year, along with FFX. 2001 was a banner year for Sony.
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

5 years ago#5
I went to crapstop and asked for a used ps2. They gave me one that scratches discs. Thankfully, the games it scratched weren't scratched too bad. A very very light circle scratch near the outer edge. I still wasn't a happy camper though. I went to another crapstop and got a different PS2 that worked fine, and this one came with the network adapter.

I found a 2nd PS2 at a yard sale.
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User Info: ddrfan23

5 years ago#6
I remember getting a PS2 for Christmas in 2002. However, my brother and I were still infatuated with our Gamecube, so we just returned it in exchange for a couple of games. But we ended up getting a used one for Christmas in 2005 with a couple of demo discs from a Playstation magazine. And THEN a few months later the lens started getting dirty, so I had to open my fat model up and manually clean it. It was the most stressful hour of my childhood.
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User Info: tankboy

5 years ago#7
I slept out on the steps of a CompUSA on NA launch day eve with some co-workers. We were dotcom programmers with some beanbag chairs we brought from our office. We taped up a sign that said, "PS2 Line Starts Here", before COB, and late shoppers thought it was pretty funny. Later that night, a few streets down, a radio station (WHFS!) interviewed people camped out at a Best Buy, but we were the only ones at the CompUSA until a few hours before opening. There was a shortage of official Sony memory cards, so I had to get a MadCatz 8MB card. But that card still works today, and has lasted a lot longer than anything else I've ever gotten from MadCatz... IIRC, I also got Timesplitters, Unreal Tournament, and Gun Griffin Blaze.

It was probably the last time I slept out for anything, since nobody needs to do it for concert tix anymore. And totally worth it!


5 years ago#8
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User Info: joesolaris

5 years ago#9
i bought mine in 2009, and was so excited to buy all the "top ten ps2 games" from year 2001 - 2008.


5 years ago#10
I brought my original fat PS2 (and, well, a whole bunch of other game systems) with my to college. Matt Groening went there. I learned a lot.

Upon my return I left this PS2 with my very good friend who shares a name with a deity or superhero.

I eventually decided he should simply keep it, which he did.

He eventually sent me my remaining PS2 games (which, were kept in a much higher condition than some other friends I also left some games with).

One of the games I left with him was R-Type Final.

I am pleased to say it is still quite mint.

There was a note attached:

'enclosed you will find a Memory Card with a save containing all 101 ships unlocked for R-Type Final.'

There was more to it, though this was the part that touched me the most.

I had always admired he and my other roommates ability to dominate SHMUPS.

I still suck at Gradius III.
XBL: L0RDC0SM0S PSN:Spacekat
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