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Eaglerulez's guides to building a computer Version 2.

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User Info: pacman4

9 years ago#441
i had a 7600 gt and it ran everything with medium to high settings (including bioshock) so its not spectacular but its good enough

User Info: Zazabar

9 years ago#442
build me a computer!
You'll see...I'll still be Andy's favorite toy. >:)

User Info: Keyeszx

9 years ago#443
Eagle in the next version you should post how to jump start your PSU. I mean some people might want to check if their fans, lights on case, and other things are working if they get those earlier than other parts.
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User Info: fuman1

9 years ago#444
I read that whole thing.

Now I need to go clean my bloody eye sockets.

User Info: Link57

9 years ago#445
This topic has been very helpful.
"Can you **** water from a camel's hump in a survival situation?" - omg_go_away

User Info: elmer_42

9 years ago#446
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Eaglerulez

9 years ago#447
I think I will talk about how to Jumpstart a PSU, thanks for the suggestion.

And of course thanks a ton for the gracious comments and support.

I seriously apologize that I haven't began updating the guide, but I PROMISE that I will get to it soon. . Long live Green Earth. Escalators can't break, they can only temporarily become stairs. I Love GREEN TEA

User Info: dratsab

9 years ago#448
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
"Of course, only an egotistical bastard would sig or quote himself." - dratsab

User Info: soulhunger

9 years ago#449
Thanks for this topic. Tagging this now, so I can refer to it later. I think I might try to build a computer rather than buy one, after reading this. It seems fairly simple, just buy the parts and put them together.

Not to mention the sense of accomplishment, and the feeling that a computer is more yours, if you built it yourself than if you bought it already built.

Awesome, I'll definitely be giving this some thought over the next couple months.
Life is a four-letter word.

User Info: garbageben

9 years ago#450
Very nice topic. Very informative. I learned quite a bit that will help me with me new computer build that will happen hopefully in a couple of months.
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