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Blizzard Office raided by Korean government because of Diablo 3 bitterness

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  3. Blizzard Office raided by Korean government because of Diablo 3 bitterness

User Info: JustPlainEvil

5 years ago#31
From: tigerex777 | #030
This is why I love my country, yay Korea! whether you think they're over-reacting, at least the government is actually launching an investigation that could actually show that the consumer was really being mistreated. That's why in Korea corporations can't play games with the consumers because the consumer will not take it up the ass like you know. Anyway, customer service and the overall treatment of consumers is what I always hated about the US, and I blame it mostly on the consumers. Even after the investigation comes out to be falls claims or what not, it will still serve the purpose of sending a message saying that you cannot play games (no pun intended) with the consumers and expect to get away with it.

As an American, I agree 100%.

Most gaming companies are toying with us, and like idiots at least half of us will give into their will, giving them the power and basically saying "shut up and take my money", while they laugh and half ass their projects and pass it off to us as full.

We all mostly need to stop sitting back and taking all this nonsense, because in the end it ultimately affects us all.

Unless you guys want every game from here on out to be half complete and end up paying $200 bucks just to have everything that should've came with the game in the first place.
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User Info: tigerex777

5 years ago#32
I may sound like I'm criticizing the US too much, but having lived here for a good 21 years now, one thing that always bothered me, my family and my Korean friends is how awful the customer service is here; whether be it in a department store or on the phone. But most surprisingly is how people (consumers) are willing to take it. If you were mistreated as a consumer in korea, oh boy, hell is going to break lose and somebody might get fired. Korean people, if I can say it in a positive way, are very short tempered and their pride level is kind of high (a little too proud sometimes). So if they feel they have been played by some business, you know they're not going to take it, it just doesn't work like that. So, corporations and business have no choice but to cater to the consumers as if they were the best (as it normally should be). But, unfortunately, that is not the case here. Some times I wonder if they even want my money by the way they treat me. But, there always an explanation for all this and it's kind of long and cultural based; in other words, too much talk for a gamefaqs post. But if you ever have the chance to visit Korea, do so. You'll experience that customer service you'll be missing when you return to the states.
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

5 years ago#33
schadow posted...
Why is the site littered with surgery ads?

I know right, eff Korea, Japaneeza, Asiana or whatever that site is.
... Chineesea?
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User Info: Lord Hamm

Lord Hamm
5 years ago#34
This topic derailed fast
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User Info: ElDudorino

5 years ago#35
tigerex777: Come to Montreal, Canada and you'll see how much worse it can get. Although rent is cheap here everything else is FAR more expensive than in the US, customer service is way worse and yet people are okay with paying three times as much to start with PLUS a tip for bad customer service! It's outrageous.

I miss California...
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