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is HD 4000 out in laptops yet?

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User Info: MediaEngine_PRX

5 years ago#11
If you're playing on a laptop that isn't designed for gaming, I doubt you'd shoot for FPS beyond 60 anyway. So the AMD CPU won't be a bottleneck.
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User Info: Polaris

5 years ago#12
In terms of raw graphics performance, it is about on par with the top end A8 processors from AMD (obviously the Ivy Bridge will have vastly superior CPU performance).

However the driver quality is a bit shaky and image quality on Ivy Bridge is noticeably worse than on comparable solutions from AMD and nVidia for 3D graphics and gaming. Also a few games detect Intel Graphics and refuse to run on that basis alone, as a holdover from when Intel's graphics were much worse.

User Info: SolidMGSnake

5 years ago#13
_Marka_Ragnos_ posted...
SolidMGSnake posted...
I'd wait for AMDs Trinity laptops commin around in June. Their integrated graphics unit is better than the HD 4000 and can do some high end gamin' at a playable frame rate. Thats what im waitin' for

Yeah but then you have to use an AMD processor.

and thats all I need, lol. I'd rather have more gaming performance. It'd prolly be cheaper too.
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