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Windows 8 EULA prevents class-action lawsuits.

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  3. Windows 8 EULA prevents class-action lawsuits.

User Info: SilentCaay

5 years ago#11
Don't feel like reading the damn thing myself but in the event that a class-action lawsuit were required for some reason the courts would allow it regardless of what the EULA said. That's not something you can just right off in fine print.
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User Info: hitokiri13

5 years ago#12
How does it feels when you buy copy of Windows then they get sued. Instead of money going to there product it goes to lawyers and people who think they could get at least 1000 USD off of it but recieve 4 USD. It eventually doesn't do **** anyway in long run. Look at Netflix's on Walmart example plus doesn't even bother us at all.

That article is written by crying lawyers. QQ moar lawyers QQ moar.

I wish car insurance companies investigate more into there going chiropractor weekly trick in order to get easy money. This is in NJ btw. You get into accident you can easily go to chiropractor and cry wolf about pain. Look at NJ's being the most expensive on car insurance.
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User Info: darkstar4221

5 years ago#13
Well if Microsoft would actually provide a decent product people wouldn't sue. But because microsoft has a monopoly with poor customer service, and they get caught up the intangibles of licensing fees in software (ie copyright), than it's no surprise that MS is constantly getting sued.

User Info: ConHuevos

5 years ago#14
EULA's aren't laws so it means nothing
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