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Native 1080 vs lesser native resolutions

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User Info: Geeji

5 years ago#11
A lot more detail for games that force widescreen at least.

User Info: logicill

5 years ago#12
ZeraphLordS posted...
there is a difference between real estate and detail guys

You're right. If anything, moving to a higher (native) resolution will decrease detail, if your card can't handle it and you have to adjust settings. Otherwise, it's really just a matter of how big the screen is to begin with, pixel size, and all that jazz.

People move to 1080p because of the real estate.
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User Info: farigonti

5 years ago#13
Thanks. I'm tempted to say I should have bought a monitor w/out widescreen and never had to worry on achieving 60+ constant fps for all games but taking back a 1080p+ ips is hard to do.
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User Info: spanishbob

5 years ago#14
ZeraphLordS posted...
it's only an extra 56 pixels of detail, the big gain from widescreen is not having your picture cut off on the sides

56? *chuckles*
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