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deathadder 3g scroll wheel isnt working

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User Info: shararmuir

5 years ago#1
when i spin the wheel its spinning freely instead of having the sort of resistance it used to and as a result nothing occurs when i spin it.
its making it difficult to accomplish anything and im not sure what could be wrong.
i updated the drivers etc (knowing this would probably do nothing but still worth a shot)\
im afraid its a hardware problem as opposed to software but i dont want to dive into the innards of the mouse without getting some outside opinions
thank you
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User Info: CodenameNickzor

5 years ago#2
I seriously think it's a hardware issue. There's a couple of videos
on Youtube about a couple of problems on the Deathadder and how to fix them.
That's what I did when my Deathadder started having problems.

User Info: The_Count_Foo

5 years ago#3
See if your under warranty still and send it back and get a replacement.
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  3. deathadder 3g scroll wheel isnt working

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