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Help me pick a new monitor.

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User Info: unsolidsnake

5 years ago#1
So I really dislike the one I have, its not horrible, but its not that great either. Its a 21.3 inch, so I would prefer something the same or slightly bigger, kinda want LED, and definitely want to have HDMI cause I've got my ps3 plugged into my monitor. =]

Looking at the ~$200 range.

User Info: BMANZZS

5 years ago#2

- ASUS is a kickass company
- 24 inches and LED backlit
- 2ms response time
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User Info: VinMistborn24

5 years ago#3
i owned this before, colors are washed out on it. colors on my 120hz are much better.
i5-2500k@4.8 ~ Noctua NH-D14 ~ ASRock Z68 ~ Msi 6950 flashed 6970 @ 900/1400 ~ Asus 120hz 2ms 23" ~ Audio Technica ATH-AD700 ~ Asus Xonar DG ~ Carbide 500r

User Info: seyhan3535

5 years ago#4
IPS monitors?
~Antec 300 ~955 BE 3.5 ghz ~H100 cooler ~12 gig Gskill ram ~Evga 580gtx classified ultra
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