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Wow, SSDs appear to be dropping quite a lot.

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User Info: schadow

5 years ago#11
I've set this pricing website to monitor price development, so I can possibly hit a deal like the massive drop the Kingston SSD, in my original post.
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User Info: Treason686

5 years ago#12
_GRIM_FANDANGO_ posted...
Yeah man, if I look at some of the price watch websites that track prices overtime in the shops here in Holland, you see a constant steady decline in price. Prices drop almost monthly. No too long ago I was talking about 128 GB SSD's maybe getting under 1 euro per GB within the year. Now you can find them for less then 100 euro's total.

Average price for the Crucial M4 128 GB was 200 euros in june 2011. A year later the average price is 120 euros for the exact same one. That price drop is huge. seeing them drop in price so fast has actually made me hold off on buying one. I have a specific price point in mind at which time I will get one.

I'm doing the same. I'm thinking I'll hold off until I can get a 256GB drive for under $100. Maybe $80.

But yeah, they're dropping so fast, I'm convinced I'll still be better off waiting.
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  3. Wow, SSDs appear to be dropping quite a lot.

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