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How do people even get "YouTube" careers?

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User Info: youngfossil

5 years ago#21
I know this is late, but I think you meant to put the quotes around career instead of Youtube
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User Info: iceache

5 years ago#22
iscareu13 posted...
iceache posted...
iscareu13 posted...
On a side note:
This means that without counting subscriber bonuses, sponsorships, etc...

A video on Youtube with partnership that gets 1 million views, pulls in $2,500.

There isn't a set dollar amount per view. But I don't think you're too far off.

I think I read somewhere that Phillip DeFranco pays 25k a month just to keep his company running.

I am a big fan of Philip DeFranco. In one of his videos, he said he couldn't state how much he makes due to terms in the contract, but he was willing to say he puts in $12,000 a month to keep his different companies going (this includes salaries).

EDIT: The above number was stated in a video before his new projects like Source Fed (I think - Can't find the video where this was stated). The number has probably gone up. You might be more on point.

That's probably what im remembering it from. That's what he pays his people, and I think he pays himself like $140k a year or something, I could be fudging all this up lol

User Info: CapoMafia

5 years ago#23
I don't see how it's any worse than a TV career.

Make content people want and git dat ad money.
My name is Judge.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

5 years ago#24
There's a few ways. Play a wide variety of games and be generally interesting while not having an accent that puts anyone too far outside their comfort zone, like SSoHPKC.
Or you could put out fewer videos with a more journalistic approach and make money on the side at events, like TotalBiscuit. Or, as stated previously, just play CoD enough.
Steam sales. There are at least 9 every week, including mid week madness and weekend deals.
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