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Do I need anti-virus/security for my android phone?

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User Info: punji_styx88

5 years ago#1
I have the HTC EVO 4G (LOL @ 4G); just wondering, if I started using it with my bank account and such (in which case I'd wipe my phone clean and start over);

should I be using any sort of security app? If so, could anyone recommend one that works but won't slow down my phone?

Please note: It's a 2010 phone so its already considered older in the spec department, so it has its moments of slowdown. I should be due for an upgrade in a year, but for now I have to settle.

User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

5 years ago#2
You do not need anti-virus on a phone unless you are installing apks from suspicious sources. Play market does have its own issues with malicious apps, but they are honestly typically tucked away in the bowels of the market and won't be something you install by mistake.

User Info: cody4783

5 years ago#3
^In other words, don't download "SUPER SEXY XXX LIVESCREEN" to your phone; Or anything similar.

Nudity gets you viruses. Regardless if you're on a computer, phone, or just a crowded subway.

But seriously, I wouldn't worry about an Anti-virus on Android. You almost have to go looking for trouble to get anything infectious. I used one for about 6 months and it literally sat there idle because I never ran into anything malicious; The MOST it did was warn about a couple shady websites. I uninstalled it and haven't had any issues.

User Info: NeojianX

5 years ago#4
I have 1 Tap Cleaner Pro on my Samsung Android Tablet. It was a free app from the Android Market and it works real good. It checks all apps and downloads for viruses before you install them.

So you don't have to do without some porn, if you want some. : )
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User Info: davidd

5 years ago#5
As long as you avoid apps like "Free nude womenz" and such, you should be fine.

There are sometimes issues with security holes because lots of phones never see software updates to address them since there's always a new phone they'd rather sell you instead, but I've not heard of many instances were people made use of those bugs in the real world.

On the other hand, lots of newer Android phones have anti-virus software like McAfee pre-installed now...

User Info: Conker

5 years ago#6
^If someone was really looking for porn on their phone I'd recommend just getting something like Skyfire or another browser that does video integration from a website to a player built in, and then just streaming from a well known site.

Then you don't have to mess with any suspicious apps.
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User Info: __Crazy__

5 years ago#7
The only security app I use on my phone is Cerberus but that's in case I actually lose my phone. Also, just make sure to check the permissions of apps before installing them.

User Info: gigapuddi

5 years ago#8
Get LBE Privacy Guard to deal with apps and permissions.

User Info: Treason686

5 years ago#9
I used Lookout for a while on my Epic 4G because I was stupid once before.

After installing a custom ROM, I lost Swype, and downloaded an apk from a web site to get it back, but the apk stole my e-mail password and sent out dozens of spam messages. It sent out so many that Google locked my account within seconds for suspicious activity. There wasn't anything important in that e-mail, thank goodness, but I don't think it stole any information anyway.

If you get everything from a known good source, such as Google Play or the Amazon App Store, I wouldn't bother with it.

It wasn't until after I got my phone infected that I figured out I could just extract the Swype apk from an Epic 4G ROM. Stupid me.
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User Info: Worknofun370

5 years ago#10
From: cody4783 | Posted: 5/31/2012 4:00:24 PM
Nudity gets you viruses. Regardless if you're on a computer, phone, or just a crowded subway.

Porn sites are actually 10th on the list of websites that infect people... it's way way down there. Automotive and Medicine sites are more likely to infect you than porn sites. No joke:

"It is interesting to note that Web sites hosting adult/pornographic content are not in the top five, but ranked tenth. The full list can be seen in figure 16.

Moreover, religious and ideological sites were found to have triple the average number of threats per infected site than adult/pornographic sites. We hypothesize that this is because pornographic website owners already make money from the internet and, as a result, have a vested interest in keeping their sites malware-free – it’s not good for repeat business.

So porn it up man.

Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. - Albert Einstein
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