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Problem with my FPS

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User Info: OdiousThirteen

5 years ago#1
So, my FPS has been a steady 60 whenever I play LoL for as long as I've had this build (a month or so now), and all of a sudden it's dropped to like, 4...

I've changed nothing nor have I even opened up my tower in a couple weeks.

Any idea why something like this would happen?

User Info: OdiousThirteen

5 years ago#2


User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
5 years ago#3
It's impossible to say, since you've given us no information at all about either your PC, it's OS and drivers, or the games/programs you've been running.

Please post your PC's specs, which version of Windows you're using, the games you've been playing, etc. And I take it you've run a malware and a virus checker (if not, I recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Avast!, both free), and found no infections? Also, download Ccleaner, and use it to delete your temporary files. I really doubt that it will solve your problem, but it can't hurt.

Also, you say you were getting a constant 60FPS, but are now getting 4FPS, how do you know? Are you running a program to check the frame rate?

Remember, no one can diagnose a problem without information. You're far better off giving too much information than not enough.
"PCs don't catch viruses or malware. Stupid users do." - The Cranky Hermit.
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User Info: DjHotness

5 years ago#4
I play LoL also and it seems like it has been happening to some people since the latest patch with the graphics update.
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