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Oh why did I buy Medal of Honor??

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User Info: bikeblaster

5 years ago#1
Hugest mistake ever, the game is even worst than COD, I'd rather have COD over MOH. Theres only like a total of what 8 MP maps? Boring game modes, they made the multiplayer like COD except even worse. Like COD half of your kills come from killstreaks. Hardly any guns to use, boring, boring shooting. I already know how the singleplayer is, and it wasn't a problem a linear SP which is only fun the first play through.

5$ wasted!!
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User Info: SnipeStar

5 years ago#2
th single player campaign is bangin though
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User Info: snesmaster40

5 years ago#3
EA dropped support for this game very quickly which is why there isn't much content.
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User Info: SomeMacGuy

5 years ago#4
From: SnipeStar | #002
th single player campaign is bangin though

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User Info: Orestes417

5 years ago#5
The only thing the multiplayer really did right was the emphasis on pushing up. Should've used the same engine as the solo game instead of borrowing Battlefield's.
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

5 years ago#6
5 bucks for the single player is good, 5 hours of entertainment for 5 bucks is a great deal imo.
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  3. Oh why did I buy Medal of Honor??

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