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Firefox Youtube Sound Problem

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User Info: MikeBastard

5 years ago#1
For certain Youtube videos the sound plays twice. What I mean is the video and sound starts playing normally, but about 2 seconds into the video the audio starts playing again on top of the synced video/audio. What I mean is I have two audio tracks, one in sync and one 2 seconds behind playing at the same time. It doesn't happen with all the videos. I've disabled adblock, etc. Has this happened to anyone else, if so, help?
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User Info: userxyz123

5 years ago#2
Yes, I'm getting this issue too!

When I pause the video it continues to play. I think it's related to HTML5 videos only as it doesn't seem to happen on others (right click the video to see - you'll notice if it's a HTML5 video it will say at the bottom).

It happens using Firefox 12 and Flash 11,2,202,235 (which is the latest I could download from Adobe as of today).

It doesn't happen in Chrome 20.0.1132.17 beta-m, which is using Flash 11,3,300,250.
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