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Best way to spread thermal paste?

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User Info: giglamesh99

5 years ago#1
Newegg videos shows the guy spreading it on the entire CPU. Arctic silver has you making a vertical line down the center and the contact of the fan should evenly spread it.

Are both of these correct? What's the best, correct way?

User Info: EternalNether

5 years ago#2
I just applied thermal spread to my CPU for a new heatsink a few weeks back. Honestly I never saw a reason to spread it around. Just put a decent (though not too big) sized drop of it directly in the center. As you apply pressure it will spread evenly across your CPU.
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User Info: Solid Link

Solid Link
5 years ago#3
^This, and my BIOS was reporting 29C after letting the system run for awhile. Not sure how good that is, but for my first time applying thermal paste, I don't seem to have a system that wants to explode on me.

Also LOL at your sig, EternalNether.
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User Info: mahern8

5 years ago#4
Check out then search for D.I.Y. videos. Part 2

I like the finger in bag approach.......cpu never touches oily skin....

User Info: k debonair

k debonair
5 years ago#5
From: giglamesh99 | #001
What's the best, correct way?

Whatever the directions that come with the thermal compound say.
From: CJayC | Posted: 6/3/2003
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User Info: BMANZZS

5 years ago#6
Depends on your cooler. Some heatsinks, like the Hyper 212+, have copper heatpipes so the cooling block isn't exactly smooth. That means it's best to spread the thermal paste evenly in the ridges. For almost all stock solutions, the best way to spread can be either one of those methods you listed. Personally, I think the line method works the best. If you want to be completely by-the-book, spreading the paste around evenly is the most correct method.
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User Info: Tyranius2

5 years ago#7
You don't need to cover the entire chip

User Info: Snuckie7

5 years ago#8
The rice method
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User Info: SmoboHash

5 years ago#9
Get one of those red plastic sticks that used to come with Lunchables pizzas. They're hard to come by these days...

User Info: spardasieg

5 years ago#10
I just put a line down the middle or a decent size drop in the center.
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