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So lets say I have the money should I buy an alienware?

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  3. So lets say I have the money should I buy an alienware?

User Info: Sanosuke92

5 years ago#1

I could most likely pay 1.5k upfront with some student loans and I could put 500 on credit and pay it off before 6 months (would be good for my credit anyway)

User Info: taco_ninja393

5 years ago#2
Sager or GTFO
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User Info: ygfbv

5 years ago#3
sager or nothing

User Info: spardasieg

5 years ago#4
Have the money....Student Loans.

Wait what.
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User Info: kidersx

5 years ago#5
So let's say you don't.
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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

5 years ago#6
IMO only buy an Alienware laptop if you want to spend a couple hundred dollars extra for pretty lights. Which is a good enough reason if you want them and have the money.
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User Info: iscareu13

5 years ago#7
spardasieg posted...
Have the money....Student Loans.

Wait what.

I lol'd... So true...
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User Info: DeadRingerSpy

5 years ago#9
It's flat out idiotic to buy an Alienware if you're relying on student loan money to pay for most of it. You can get better for cheaper, and it'll help you in the long run.
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User Info: CrapFactory

5 years ago#10
Only buy alienware if you're rich or well off enough. It's a good solid brand with top notch customer support and warranties. However, as it's been said, they're way too expensive especially for student loans.
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  3. So lets say I have the money should I buy an alienware?

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