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Using different monitors for a dual setup?

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User Info: fries846

5 years ago#1
I have used an Acer x233H 23 inch for about 4 years now while using a crappy 15 inch lcd with VGA. Recently I just purchased an HP 2311x 23 inch LED monitor for like $110 shipped.

Today I unboxed it and set it up and I could not deal with the picture difference between my Acer and the HP. Also the HP in my opinion has horrible picture quality and is not sharp at all. I am going to return it in the next few days.

My question is should I just spend the money to get two of the same Acer monitors or would something like the Acer G235hAbd 23" have about the same as my X233h. As far as I can tell no one is selling the X233h anymore even on ebay.
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User Info: Spacewhizguy

5 years ago#2
Instead of skimping out on a monitor again, the thing you stare at for 100% of your computer usage, you could just get an actually good monitor like the U2312HM.
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