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Alright guys, I need a mouse, quick!

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  3. Alright guys, I need a mouse, quick!

User Info: CatToy

5 years ago#11
You're right, I totally passed over that. I did read that it's a little far to reach with smaller hands while I was researching mice.
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User Info: CheesyPhil

5 years ago#12
SnipeStar posted...
lol @ R.A.T. mice

anyway tc the correct mouse is the g9x

I checked up on the G9x, looks very nice. Adjustable DPI, programmable buttons, back and forward buttons, multiple grips, adjustable colour lights, (just for s**** and giggles). Think I'll pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation guys!
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User Info: gilv3r

5 years ago#13
Razor is crap. Get the G9x.
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User Info: unsolidsnake

5 years ago#14
From: gilv3r | #013
Razor is crap. Get the G9x.

I'm not sure what I think about this. I had a Lycosa KB that started feeling crappy after just a month of use, I had a mamba that worked great for 6 months but then the battery quit charging, yet I had a deathadder for over a year with not a single problem.

Either way, I still vote G9x. I like it much more than my deathadder.
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  3. Alright guys, I need a mouse, quick!

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