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GAMES that are must play on pc?

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User Info: farigonti

5 years ago#21
Legend of Zelda 2
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User Info: Freak_Show

5 years ago#22
Wait for PC2 to come out.
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User Info: Wario_man

5 years ago#23
Ys: Oath in Felghana
Ys: Origin
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User Info: CrapFactory

5 years ago#24
PSP sucks.
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User Info: lightpeak

5 years ago#25
-Call of Duty: MW3
-Dark Souls
-Ninja Gaiden

User Info: desertman

5 years ago#26

User Info: BlackMantis

5 years ago#27
Witcher 1 / 2
Just Cause 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Total War series
Half Life 2

User Info: SnipeStar

5 years ago#28
DiehardFFv2 posted...
From: Smackie_theFrog | #006
PC board is sassy tonight.

I drank a bunch of Sassafras earlier.

sunset sarsaparilla?
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User Info: params7

5 years ago#29
Get these if you just got a PC:

Diablo 3
Crysis, Crysis 2
Metro 2033
Battlefield 3
Witcher 2
Stalker Games
Day Z (Arma 2+Expansion+Free mod)

Dark Souls : Prepare To Die
Metro : Last Light
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