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Thinking of a new rig, anything good coming up?

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User Info: GamerManiac187

5 years ago#1
So my 2007 cookie cutter rig is ageing (obviously), and I would be fine with it, only my graphics card has been acting up. I baked it once, but it's slowly reverting into that artifacting everywhere phase again, and I can't help but think if I'm going to replace the video card, I might as well get a new rig.

I don't consider myself a big PC gamer, I mainly stick with whatever Blizzard and Valve puts out, so unless there's this really interesting looking PC exclusive, I'd probably just be on my console. But some conditions come with that, I hate my shooters without a KB/M.

Also, my Diablo III chugs and doesn't stay locked to 60fps (although it looks like it's not an issue of power...), which prompted me to think about a new rig.

Anyway, my specs are:

2.4GHz C2D E6600 OC'ed to about 3.1GHz
8800GTS 320mb

So I'm scrambling for some excuses to upgrade, I am somewhat slightly interested in Battlefield 3, but I might just hate it for the fact that it's just yet another overproduced set-piece shooter. Maybe I should just exercise some restraint and only replace the video card? I have been recommended to bump up my processor to a Q2D Q6600, and getting a 560 or 6850, but I'm not too sure about that route's longetivity, my mindset was that if I was holding onto this rig, I might as well for just a bit longer.

But I am irked by this grey line artifact at the top left hand corner of my screen...

User Info: Gietzy

5 years ago#2
Why not rent BF3 for console to see if you like it.
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